Sunday, April 1, 2012

Whoa! Disney to open hotel in DCUSA!!!

You may recall a few years ago when Disney said they were going to open a hotel at National Harbor in Prince George's County, a resort hotel for families. Then earlier this year, Disney said they were backing out. And now we know why! I just received a bunch of emails from reliable people saying they were going to take the side area in DCUSA that was supposed to be Ellwood Thompson's, on the Irving Street side.

That's pretty awesome, I love Disney and look forward to a bunch of tourist families roving the neighborhood. I'm sure they will enjoy Panera and IHOP next door.

As for a timeline, I'm not sure yet, but they did say the place would have 100 beds, a pool, mini golf, "costumed characters" (i.e. Mickey, Minnie and so on) and more. No rides, since it's a hotel, but they will have lots of Disney themed stuff inside. This also means the parking garage, which is rarely even close to being full (and which the city pays lots of money for) will finally get some use. Apparently they're also thinking of taking one of the remaining DCUSA empty spots for a Disney store.

I am pretty pumped about this. The families will be able to do stuff in our neighborhood and check out our restaurants, and are a short Metro ride from downtown and the Mall and such.

Your thoughts?


  1. I sincerely hope this is an April Fools joke.

  2. ugh, are you serious? the disneyfication of columbia heights is complete.

  3. Thought this was real at first - then saw Crown'd Vic's comment. Thank G-d today is April 1!!!

  4. OMG. I thought this was real, and then I started reading it aloud to my husband and midstream realized this had to be a joke. Good one! You got me!
    BTW: I would HATE Disney having a hotel anywhere near here!

  5. Magoo said...

    Damn. I read this on April 11 and thought: WTF?? Glad to see it was a joke. But can you imagine what would happen to CH if it weren't?


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