Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Radiance MedSpa closed, to be replaced by Cava Mezze Grill

More food! Radiance MedSpa at 3105 14th Street NW (that place that offered botox) closed recently, but it's going to be replaced by a Mediterranean restaurant, says The 42 Bus. The place is basically a Mediterranean Chipotle: you get in line, choose a base, meat (or veg option), toppings and so on. They also have falafel and a lot of vegan options.

The location in Bethesda gets good reviews, and I always was weirded out by Radiance MedSpa, anyway, so I guess it's a good thing.

Here's their website and menu.

As for the other two spots mentioned in The 42 Bus's post, I've written about them before -- Tasti D-Lite, which is sort of frozen custard, is coming to DCUSA in the spot next to Panda Express, and Lime Fresh Grill, a Mexican fast casual spot (with margaritas!), is coming to the spot between Payless and Radio Shack. Both now have signs up.


  1. Great place, love the food.

  2. I confused Cava Grill with Cava Mezze. It looks like it's the same company with two brands. I was thinking it'd be like the one on Barracks Row, which is a sit-down mezze style restaurant, but you're right, it's like Mediterranean Chipotle.

    Oh well. I'm still excited! The crazy feta is really delicious.


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