Thursday, April 5, 2012

PORC foodtruck's restaurant gets a name: Kangaroo Boxing Club

PORC, the Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine who run a pork-based food truck and are opening a restaurant at 3412 11th Street NW, have chosen a name for their establishment: Kangaroo Boxing Club. They spoke to the City Paper to explain the silly name: 
The name, Kangaroo Boxing Club, comes from long-running, drink-infused, late-night bar discussions on the fact that, without technology, man is physically unable to compete with the majority of the animal kingdom.  How would you win a match with a kangaroo?
Kind of reminds me of those discussions you'd have as a kid: who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman? A rhino or an elephant? A giraffe or a panda? (Superman, rhino, giraffe, in my opinion.)

The spot will be taking the place of the Victor Giron restaurant, not Acuario as I reported earlier (my mistake.)

Foodwise, Eater DC reports they'll have the fare from the food truck, like sausages and pork products, plus "other unique selections." They also joked that they'll be open sometime between thing spring and fall 2016.

Sounds good. I like pork.

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  1. no way a giraffe beats a panda. What the hell is the giraffe going to do strike with its neck? The Panda,while a docile animal, enjoys a lower center of gravity and therefore more likely to stay on its feet. The panda would ferociously attack at the knees of the giraffe. Once down, the giraffe is but finished.
    ...this is the same reason the rhino beats an elephant. Tall animals weren't built for fighting only intimidating.


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