Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First look at Maple on 11th Street

Maple, the new restaurant with the crowd-sourced concept that we've written about before, is now open. NCH reader @CitizenCassidy took a first look at the spot a few days ago, and here's his thoughts!

Maple feels like a slice of New York-swank plopped down in Columbia Heights. It's just a touch roomier that the Manhattan wine bars that it echoes, but it seems to have stayed true to their wine pricing. ($9 and up.) The food menu is limited, but solid and reasonably priced. Our party enjoyed the lamb ragu over fettucini and arugula salad, which were elegant but simple.  
Despite its upscale aesthetic, Maple smartly lets servers be personable and playful. Both servers were professional, but liberal with one-liners and cute asides. Considering Red Rocks' ambivalent service, Meridian Pint's unimaginative and overpriced menu, Room 11's cramped feel, and Wonderland's B-n-T invasion, Maple is easily the best place to drink and eat on 11th Street's north end.
Sounds pretty good. Have you been? What do you think. So far the spot is getting good reviews on Yelp.

Maple is located at 3418 11th St NW. Here's their website and Twitter.


  1. thank god someone else called out M pint and their "menu". it is soooo bland. i can't stand eating there. but i always do b/c i love being there for beer and need a little something to line my stomach.

  2. my thoughts exactly, anon. not to mention the prices on billiards and shuffleboard. but somehow, I always end up back there....

  3. I really like Meridian Pint's food. It is very well-executed, and the menu changes fairly frequently with innovative specials, including lots of vegan/veggie options that my veggie friends say are great.


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