Monday, April 23, 2012

Final Z-Burger community meeting tonight

Z-Burger, the long-delayed burger spot coming to the Tivoli building at 14th and Park, is having their final community meeting today to iron out some of the remaining issues, which have contributed to their delay in opening (they also focused on opening another location first.) Here's more info:
FINAL Z Burger/community meeting
There will be one FINAL community meeting with Z Burger in an attempt to resolve the three remaining issues of contention surrounding Z Burger's sidewalk cafe (NE corner 14th St & Park Rd NW) application to the DDOT Public Space Committee. The issues, in order of concern, are:

1) proposed removal/relocation of an existing granite bench
2) proposed fencing around the seating area
3) number and arrangement of seats 
The meeting will be:
Mon. Apr. 23, 7pm
Park Triangle Apts., rooftop
1375 Kenyon St NW 
Please attend if you can. Your voice is important to helping Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1A - - make the best decision when it votes on the application at its Wed. May 9 meeting.
The community's desired alternative proposal and Z Burger's best counter are attached for your review.
Please contact ANC commissioner Laina Aquiline with any questions.
The complaints about the bench seem a little silly to me. I like benches but for that to delay an entire business? If it's such a big deal, have Z-Burger fund another one somewhere else. I don't see why fencing is a problem either, as other places have fencing -- Alero, Wonderland, Meridian Pint, and so on. Plus the alternative proposal seems to have more seats than Z-Burger's proposal, so I don't see the deal there either. Z-Burger asks for 32 while the community offers 42.

Z-Burger, as you may recall, looks really impressive inside. And they might be haunted!


  1. I live across the street but had not heard about the "contention surrounding Z Burger's sidewalk cafe" until just now (and I've already missed the community meeting). Now that I've heard about the debate, I totally don't understand what the issues are....

    Aside from concerns about taking up too much sidewalk space (which doesn't look like an issue in either layout), why would the community be troubled if a bench is relocated or if a fence is put up around the seating area? Seriously, what am I missing?

    After looking at the two plans, I'd say that the arrangement of tables in the ZBurger layout looks nice and sensible while the community layout looks sort of randomly and thoughtlessly put together.

    So... accept their proposal and let them open already?

  2. (Todd C. Wiggins)

    Z Burgers coming to Columbia Heights
    They desrve to have the right
    To serve delicious burgers and shakes
    On a private patio if that what it takes
    Keep the patrons in a good mood
    Columbia Heights needs good food
    So to me it makes good sense
    Z Burger should have a fence


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