Monday, April 16, 2012

Confirmed: DCUSA Best Buy not closing

Looks like we'll be keeping our local Best Buy. A tipster sent me this, a press release from the company confirming which stores will be closed, and the DCUSA location is not among them. I also spoke to a worker at the store on Saturday and he said they wouldn't be closing.

I think this is a good thing, despite the bad reviews I've seen and heard about the store. I'd rather keep something there than not have anything. Your thoughts?


  1. I am with you -- something is better than nothing; there was no guarantee that the space would get snapped up. Plus I never experienced the poor service that others reported. But then I find that there seem to be a lot of whiny folks here ready to complain about just any retailer in the hood.

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  3. Same here... count me among the fans of the Columbia Heights Best Buy. It's super convenient to have it there for all my electronics needs... plus, I love browsing through the store for the latest doo-dads. The service is meh... I can usually answer questions better myself after online research than they can (although there are a few all-stars who work in the TV and Video Game departments). All in all, better there than nothing at all.


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