Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Columbia Heights Community Marketplace opens May 12, receives grant sponsorship from Giant

The Columbia Heights Community Marketplace, our great farmers market and artisans' fair, is opening on May 12. I'm definitely looking forward to it, I visited a bunch of times last year and got a lot of good fruit, veggies, bread and sausages, crafts, and more. They also have signed up some new vendors.

In addition, Giant just sponsored the market to the tune of $5,000 for their Festibucks program, where people can use nutrition assistance money, like WIC and SNAP, to buy food at the market, as well as their new Youth Garden project. Here's their press release:

A Giant (Foods) Sponsorship of the Columbia Heights Community MarketplaceGiant Foods, a division of Ahold USA, is generously helping to sponsor entertainment for the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace's 2012 season, which kicks off on Saturday, May 12th and runs every Saturday thereafter through December 17th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Giant's $5,000 sponsorship will help the Marketplace, a 501c3 non-profit organization, sustain operations of our farmers market and build our Festibucks program and Youth Garden project. 
Festibucks are matching incentives, also called bonus bucks, that help DC residents receiving federal nutrition assistance (WIC and Senior benefits and SNAP, formerly called Food Stamps) purchase more fresh, locally grown food at the Marketplace's farmers market than they could with just their federal benefits. The program increases their access to nutritious food that could improve their health and also generates economic opportunities for small farmers and food producers in and near Washington, DC. 
Meanwhile, the Youth Garden project teaches elementary and middle school students in Columbia Heights how to sow, care for, and harvest vegetables in an urban setting. But the project goes further by helping students promote and sell the fruits of their labor at the Marketplace's farmers market. 
But sustaining and building these non-profit efforts and our overall operations would not be possible without the generous support of Giant Foods. With that in mind, we thank Jack Eaton, manager of the Tivoli Giant store on Park Road, his in-store team and Giant's corporate leadership. Thank you, Giant!
The market will run every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm at the Civic Plaza, 14th/Park/Kenyon.

Photo: Store manager Jack Eaton, members of his team, and some of the Community Marketplace board of directors gathered on the evening of Thursday, April 12, 2012 in front of the mural in the Giant store lobby to officially present the check. Giant, Horning Brothers, and ANC1A supported the Community Marketplace and Bloombars to design and paint the mural in Spring 2011.


  1. That's a substantial community donation. Hats off to Giant!

  2. I'll be there May 12! And I'm impressed by Giant. You'd think they'd see the marketplace as competition but a recent study showed that farmers markets help surrounding businesses.


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