Sunday, April 1, 2012

Build-a-Bear Workshop coming to Tiovli building

You may recall that local sporting goods chain Nash's Sporting Goods closed a few months ago, bowing to pressure from Modell's, Sports Zone, and I guess Target too.

But now we hear that its replacement will be Build-a-Bear Workshop, the kids' store where you can go in and make your own bear with different clothes, accessories and so on. There's one at Nationals Park now and I must admit it's a pretty fun place, I made a bunch for myself and friends: Screech the Nats' mascot, some other cool bears with funny clothes and stuff. They have lots of funny hats you can choose for them.

I'm glad to see this kind of thing coming in. It should be fun for the kids, and for adults (like I said, building a bear is a good time, especially with your buddies.) It might be a good stop for all the families going to the new Disney hotel at DCUSA too. I hope there are more kids' places like this! We already have the Children's Place store on 14th. That place has pretty nice stuff. Maybe we can get a Chuck E. Cheese instead of Marshall's or something too. 


  1. I heard on Prince of Petworth that it was going to become a Sleepys mattress place. He even showed the permit on the window. Did that fall though? If prefer a build a bear over 2 mattress stores within one block of each other.

  2. This is not unbelievable or ironic enough to be a good April Fools story. What am I not getting?


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