Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ANC commissioner Lenwood Johnson is a jerk

Readers of this blog know this is nothing new: ANC1A10 commissioner Lenwood Johnson is a jerk on the internet. ANC stands for Advisory Neighborhood Commission, these are elected officials who serve to advise the city council on local issues. Here's a map of what Johnson represents: if you live on or around Irving east of 11th, he may be your representative.

One of Johnson's favorite tactics is to forward personal emails to the neighborhood listserves and then insult people -- you may remember when Johnson got into a bicker-fest with fellow ANC comissioners, and when one constituent said he was embarrassed of Johnson's behavior, Johnson called the constituent a "bitchass" and called fellow commissioner Kent Boese a "lowlife." This was after he left an ANC meeting early, meaning there wasn't a quorum and they couldn't vote on something (which in this case was Room 11's expansion plans.) The ANC thought about censuring him after the episode.

There's also the time when Johnson called other commissioners "idiots" after he allegedly paid the ANC phone bill without authorization (which meant it was paid twice).

But he's at it again. Recently on the Columbia Heights listserve, some people were complaining that a dead cat at 13th and Harvard hadn't been picked up by the city, even though it had been reported numerous times. The cat was starting to get bloated and attract flies -- pretty gross.

The first response to the complaint was Johnson:
You should call a local carry-out (any ethnicity). ;)
A couple people complained about this comment, saying it was racist and useless. For example:
Your comment was not in the least bit amusing or funny.  Next time keep your comment to yourself as that could be some child's pet and companion you are talking about.
 And of course, Lenwood flipped out, saying it wasn't racist because he said any ethnicity, and:
My comment was a joke, and if you don't like it, tough! I'm surprised that someone as intelligent as you would get your drawers in a knot over my comment...Go bake a cake or do something else constructive.
The conversation devolves from there. William Jordan somehow brings in Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jim Graham (by implication) and so on and so forth.

This is amazing to me. Johnson is an elected official, and he acts like an idiot, a jerk, and a baby on the internet to constituents. And despite being an elected official, he does nothing to help the situation. He's basically a troll, a person who surfs the internet with the sole purpose of making people pissed off. Which would be ok, except that he was elected to serve his citizens, not act like an ass.

It's my belief that ANC commissioner Cliff Valenti resigned rather than have to deal with his shenanigans (though there may be other issues too.) Johnson was the only ANC commissioner I explicitly suggested you vote against in the last elections. Plus last year he claimed to have an unregistered firearm in his house. I've also heard rumors that he doesn't actually live in his district, or even in the city altogether, which obviously means he couldn't be an ANC commissioner (though those are unverified.) One commenter said this as well.

I'm not sure if Johnson is up for election again this cycle, but if he is DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM. Please. For the love of God.


  1. That jordan guy forgot to take his meds. WTF x infinity.

  2. I am moving in the area, and I joined the listserv to get an idea of what is going on in the area. I did not find his comments offensive at all (although I don't really know his history). I was pretty surprised that people were actually getting their panties in a bunch over what he said. This country is becoming more sensitive by the day, it is unbelievable. I own a cat, and thought it was funny. Get over it. Do these same people cry when they go and see a stand up comedian? I am pretty sure comedians say more offensive BS than what Lenwood said.

    After reading this blog post, I guess the cry baby responses were more due to Lenwood's past history, but it was quite a stretch to call him racist. How can it be racist when he said any ethnicity? Learn to laugh and loosen up people.

  3. Jack:

    Since when are people only racist if they target a single race. The very fact that he said "any ethnicity" indicates he has no respect for any of the ethnic groups in the neighborhood.

    When you're an elected official and you're on a supposedly professional listserv you should not make comments like that. Nothing you can pull out of your ass can excuse him. (I can say ass because I'm a comedian and this a blog. ha.)

    And stop saying cry; nobody's crying. But sorry the world isn't as insulting and bitchy a place as you wish it were.

    I fear for your cat.

  4. dccsied:

    Excuse me while I LMAO. you're a comedian? OK, I bet. If so don't quit your day job, bc you obviously at nonsense BS. You're an uptightwad and shouldn't frequent the internet if that gets you pissed off.

  5. The insistence on "my right to be insulting" sure is hard to understand.

  6. I smell Johnson trolling over here to comment as well. Not the repetitive phrasing under different monikers.

    Add him to the list of reasons why no one will ever vote to give DC statehood.

  7. Cowardly attack by this blog, why its credibility is so shaky. Still defending the ethics of Jim Graham? Even the Post that has looked the other way for years knows there is a serious problem with Graham.

    BTW, because I don't need meds is why I see so clearly.



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