Friday, March 30, 2012

New bar, Koffee's Lounge, coming to Georgia and Fairmont

Koffee's Lounge Georgia Avenue is really hopping. The other day when I stopped by the new Salt and Pepper Grill Indian-Pakistani restaurant, I also noticed some signs for a liquor license posted on the door next to the grill.

The door, which is just down from Salt and Pepper Grill and seems to be for space above it, used to be part of GII Lounge. The new spot will be called Koffee's Lounge. The sign said they'd have 86 seats and a total of 100 occupancy with occasional music.

They have a Facebook page and website, but info is scarce on them. The address is 2632 Georgia Ave NW.

I've reached out to them for more info, will let everybody know what I hear! 

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