Monday, March 19, 2012

MPD says IHOP shooting was anti-gay; solidarity rally Tuesday

Some big news: MPD is now saying that the recent morning shooting at IHOP was an anti-gay crime. In response to the shooting and another recent beating of a gay man at Georgia and Irving, which left the man with a broken jaw, some people have organized a silent march, planned for Tuesday night. Here are more details, with the route and a fundraiser afterwards at Cobalt at 1639 R Street NW.

Sounds like a good idea. Definitely worrisome that this sort of thing is happening lately.

I want to organize a (silent) march through the neighborhood where two recent attacks have happened. This march is to show solidarity and support for all the victims of hate violence, whether they be Lesbian, Gay, Bi, or Transgender. As most of you know there were multiple attacks last week including that of a Transgender woman. While we would love to be able to include the site of her attack in our march it is just a little too far out of the way. So while we are walking from Ihop to Cobalt be sure to keep her in your thoughts as well.
Leave IHOP ( Which is where a gay man was shot after being taunted because of his sexuality) continue walking down Iriving St NW to Georgia Ave NW (Where the victim *and friend to ALOT of us * was beaten after getting out a cab, then left on the street and beaten and robbed again by a second group) When we get to that corner stop and reflect about all the good we have in our lives and how we are GONNA make it better (mind you in silence!) Turn right and proceed down to U St NW. At U St NW turn right and proceed down to 14th St NW. AT 14th St NW make a left and proceed down to R St NW. From R St NW make a right and proceed down to 17th NW at which time the march will end. 
The march will end at COBALT where there is a benefit to raise money for hospital bills is being held for one of the victims. So after your walk stop in for a drink! 
It would be awesome for everyone to wear a solid colored shirt of the Rainbow and post a reply with which color you chose. By doin this we will not have to say a word but if we walk in the order of the rainbow and just make on big flag out of everyone there think of the statement of our togetherness that will mean.
SIGNS are encouraged and are a great way to get out some rage.  
If anyone has any questions or suggestions please contact Kyan Brady.
Cell (202) 207-8084Email: Kyan.Brady@gmail.comor here on Facebook 
Please get the word out to everyone you possibly can. We need to show the dirtbags and the rest of the world that we are no longer backing down and we arent afraid. You fuck with one of us.. you fuck with all of us!

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  1. Maybe it wasn't anti-gay, perhaps it was anti-IHOP? Has anyone eaten at that dump?


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