Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First look at Coffy Cafe creperie: delicious

Last week I stopped into Coffy Cafe, the new creperie and coffee shop at 3310 14th Street NW, across from the Tivoli. And I was impressed. The place is big and bright, bigger than you'd think from outside, with a very clean, modern look. There were a lot of places to sit, a lot of vintage furniture and posters from 60s and 70s movies going with the mod/70s theme.

And the food was really good. I got a "Mod Squad," which was chicken, feta, spinach and pesto, and my buddy got the "Barbarella," smoked salmon, cream cheese, sauteed onions and capers. The crepes themselves were done perfectly, a little crispy and a little chewy, and the ingredients inside were tasty, fresh and high-quality. I was going to take a picture of mine but I ate it too quickly, and my buddy's was just as good. Both would work well as breakfast or as lunch, which is what we had them for. There's also an egg and cheese crepe, a vegetarian one, and one with sausage, peppers and onions, plus all the sweet crepes, which sound awesome. The menu is here.

Owner Philecia Harris was there at the time so I spoke to her a bit. She said things were going well and they were making sure everything was running smoothly. I asked about the furniture, and she mentioned she got it from a variety of places, including her own kitchen, which was 1950s-styled. There were a lot of other interesting, funky pieces, like a spiky chandelier and very 60s chairs. See below for some (cameraphone) interior shots.

We didn't try any sweet crepes, but I'll certainly be back. I'm looking forward to getting a crepe and eating it out on the Civic Plaza when it's warmer. Definitely best portable food in the area -- sorry, Julia's Empanadas.

They're open Mon – Fri: 7am-9pm,  Sat: 8am-10pm and Sun: 8am-8pm.
Coffy seats Coffy Cafe


  1. I was there this weekend and had a sweet crepe--I don't remember the name, but it had Nutella and loads of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, banana) and was DELICIOUS. I'll definitely be going back frequently.

  2. i liked the layout. food was good but overpiced in my opinion. i feel a little guilty paying $8.00 for a crepe and still feeling hungry. they need better, louder music too.

  3. I hate to write a dissenting view, as I really, really want these nice folks to succeed, and I always root for a local business over a chain. But there is now, and soon will be even more, a ton of competition for these guys in the area (Le Caprice, Panera, Tynan, CH Coffee, Room 11 expansion and new Diner coming, etc.), and I believe that they are going to have to seriously up their game to survive.

    First, we had two crepes, both of which were simply not very good and I thought, in particular, the ingredients needed to be improved. Oddly enough, one of them was the same smoked salmon crepe described above. It was basically some iffy-looking smoked salmon, philly cream cheese, and a big piece of lettuce all heated up together, and I could only eat a few bites, it neither looked nor tasted appealing. We also had a ham and cheese and, again, the ingredients weren't in our view good enough to justify the prices charged, it was just OK. When we went, the owner (we are pretty sure) was not there, and they were a bit disorganized too, no water in the big water jug, trouble with service despite almost no one there, etc. etc.

    A few other small suggestions. First, turn those flourescent ceiling lights off for more ambiance, just use the other lighting. They've worked hard to make a funky, cozy space, but those lights really detract from the vibe. Second, they really, REALLY need to improve their cold beverage selection. All they had were a few bottles of soda and Tropicana-type juices. Please order some more interesting / appealing juices / sodas, Purity Organic, Fizzy Lizzy, heck even Orangina or Snapple would be nice. Or even coke in glass bottles, something beyond the same four beverage choices you can find anywhere, especially if you want people to spend a lot of time there, you want a nice variety of drink options.

    Those are easy fixes. The food is a tougher issue. I hope other folks continue to like the crepes, but I have a feeling I am not alone in thinking they need to have higher-quality ingredients (and also some more creative filling options), especially if this is basically the only food they are serving, and they are not cheap. Especially when Le Caprice, which makes flat-out amazing breakfast food, is right up the street ...

  4. Good crepes and pretty good coffee, but today we had to wait for more than 20 minutes before our crepes were ready - simple ones. Don't go in the late morning on a weekend...


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