Monday, March 26, 2012

DC Reynolds bar and restaurant is now open at 3628 Georgia Ave NW

We have more beer and food options! DC Reynolds, the bar and restaurant located next to the Looking Glass Lounge, is now open for business. I stopped by on St. Patrick's Day, which was their soft opening, but didn't really spend a lot of time there.

They boast a huge (1,100 sq ft+) patio out back with a DC flag brick design for the floor (see right) plus a bar on the main level and an upstairs as well. They have a few TVs in the main bar area and are working on filling out their menu, which from my interactions with them will be bar food like burgers, mac and cheese, and the like.

Here's what the owners said last year when I asked about their plans:
DC Reynolds isn't a person, it's an homage of sorts to a place we went to, worked at, and lost in Fairfax City. TT Reynolds was a neighborhood bar for 30 years before it lost its lease about 3 years ago. We loved the place and the vibe of it. We refereed to it more as a community center than a bar or restaurant. A "cheers" if you will. So we wanted to get back to that sort of project. The 4 C's Comfortable, Casual, Consistent, and Cheap. 
We really like the outdoor summer garden behind the space, our architect can fit in 120 people but I don't think we will try for that many. We want to make that a sort of Garden of Eden feel with some ivy, trees, or shrubs, basically a way to make it seem like you aren't behind an old building on Georgia ave and next to an alley. Inside, exposed brick, pallet wood flooring, and dim lights will be the norm on the 2 levels. Almost everything we are putting into the building has been reclaimed from other closed restaurants to give the feel that DC Reynolds has been on Georgia Ave for 30 years. 
I hope to stop by soon and get a better feel for the place. Have you been?

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  1. I've been a couple times. They need to work out some kinks with the happy hour and a ticket system but it's been really popular and has a great selection. The outdoor patio is pretty great.


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