Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another food truck sets down roots in Columbia Heights: El Floridiano

I guess Columbia Heights is now the cool place to set up a restaurant if you run a food truck: the Post reports that El Floridiano, a popular food truck selling Florida- and Caribbean-influenced sandwiches, will be opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant and bakery at 3301 Georgia Avenue NW, at Lamont. This was the location of Brown's Caribbean Bakery.

The new spot will be both a restaurant and the kitchen for the food truck. He'll also include a retail and wholesale bakery, selling Florida and Caribbean-style baked goods, including some of the things Brown's sold. Owner Stephan Boillon tells the Post it'll be "nuevo retro" cuisine, with Cuban-influenced food, "small plates, long braises, gourmet pizzas, Jamaican patties and other dishes." Sounds interesting, and certainly unusual for this area.
Sounds like an interesting idea. Georgia Avenue is another street that's starting to get a lot of new sports -- Blue Banana a year or so ago, the delicious Mama Chuy's, DC Reynolds sports bar, and more.

Has anyone eaten at El Floridiano? How do you like it?

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