Friday, March 23, 2012

Another food truck! New Indian-Pakistani restaurant, Salt and Pepper Grill, now open on Georgia

Salt and Pepper Grill, new Indian-Pakistani restaurant Last night I was walking down Georgia (going to Mama Chuy's, which is delicious) and noticed there was a new place open, Salt and Pepper Grill, and Indian and Pakistani restaurant that advertises Halal food. The space used to be the GII Lounge.

I stopped in to check it out and one of the owners, Farukh (I didn't get the spelling) offered me a couple of samples, chicken tikka masala and chicken curry. The chicken tikka was really tasty, a little sweet and spicy, and the chicken curry was nice and tender. He said they had been open five days and that he was from Kashmir and his co-owner was from Pakistan.

Farukh mentioned that they also run a food truck with the same name in Arlington. It only has three reviews on Yelp, but what I had was quite good. They do delivery as well, and he mentioned a $7.95 special.

By my count, this is the third food truck that has set up a brick-and-mortar restaurant in our area in the past couple of weeks. Before that, the PORC food truck said they'd be opening on 11th just up from Meridian Pint, and El Floridiano was coming to Georgia and Lamont. There's really starting to be a lot of restaurants in the area.

I got a copy of the menu, which has a lot on it, including vegetarian options and party trays for catering. You can see it below (and click for bigger versions.) Salt and Pepper Grill is located at 2632 Georgia Avenue NW.


  1. I've been looking and hoping for a good local Indian place since I moved here from the UK just over a year ago. Tried Salt and Pepper Grill on Sunday night and it was great! Food was excellent, prices were good and portions were generous! Really encourage everyone in the neighbourhood (and beyond!) to try it out.

  2. Don't let the Pakistanis hear you say that one was from Kashmir and the other from Pakistan. Pakistan does not recognize Indian "occupation" of Kashmir, so it's all considered Pakistan from that side of the border.

    Just sayin'.

  3. Well, yeah, but that's what the guy said to me.

  4. After reading the comments here we decided to try this place. One of the better surprises we have had in a long time.

    The chicken tikka masala was fantastic. Another bigger surprise was the Malai Kofta was crazy good. We have never had it, but we will definitely be back again very soon!


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