Thursday, March 22, 2012

According to Microsoft, we live in Mount Pleasant

Here's something kind of silly: on Microsoft's Bing Maps site, our neighborhood is labeled "Mount Pleasant." See for yourself.

According to them, MtP extends from the actual Mount Pleasant all the way to north of Howard University. And then, amusingly, just to our north is a neighborhood called "Northwest." I love that Northwest neighborhood. There isn't a Columbia Heights anywhere, but Petworth and Adams Morgan are roughly in the right place, at least.

Then again, who actually uses Bing Maps?

UPDATE: Looks like it's fixed now.


  1. According to this blog, Park View is a part of Columbia Heights.

  2. hahaha, but that's a little harsh... this blog is pretty good about calling out Park View when appropriate to let his columbia heights readers know what's going on to the east.

  3. Well, I meant "we" as in everybody reading this site. Everywhere is Mount Pleasant according to Bing Maps.

  4. Historically Mt Pleasant included those neighborhoods.

  5. True, but not now. I posted awhile ago about the People's Drug Store at 14th and Park being called the Mount Pleasant branch in 1912, for example.


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