Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Work progressing on new pharmacy at 14th and Fairmont

A few months ago I reported that a new pharmacy was coming to 14th and Fairmont, in the Columbia Uptown building (the space used to be a convenience store.) It looks like they're making some progress.

I walked by the other day and saw a lot of work underway, with shelves and counters and such, and a business card in the window.

The place is going to be called the Cardozo HealthMart Pharmacy, though their card says they're at Fairmont Avenue, rather than Fairmont Street.

I suppose a pharmacy is a good use of the space, though there's already pharmacies at the CVS at 14th and Irving, the Target in DCUSA, and the Giant on Park Road (although I've found that CVS often takes awhile or messes things up.)

What do you think, nice to have another pharmacy?


  1. i can finally stop going to CVS! Hoooooooooooooooooray!!!!!

  2. They are still looking to get a grocer on the ground floor!

    Washington Biz Journal: "DSW will be located on the second floor of the development. Dochter and Alexander are still working to lease 30,000 square feet on the ground level of D.C. USA, looking at scenarios that involve one or multiple tenants. The development is hoping to snag a boutique grocer (Ellwood Thompson's at one point was going to the property but later pulled out)."

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