Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on Mexican restaurant coming to 11th & Lamont: El Chucho's - Cocina Superior

I've written a few times about the new Mexican spot coming to 11th and Lamont from Jackie Greenbaum, owner of the Quarry House, Jackie's and Sidecar in Silver Spring: now we have some updates thanks to the Washingtonian.

For one, the place is going to be named El Chucho's - Cocina Superior. As mentioned before, there are 40 seats inside, 40 on the roof, and 16 on the patio. The chef will be Diana Davila-Boldin, who the Washingtonian named one of their rising stars recently.

Food wise, Greenbaum described it as "inauthentic Mexican food" -- that is, Mexican food with a twist:
a mix of the “traditional and newfangled” that includes antojitos (small plates), tortas (sandwiches), and tacos. 
There will be posole and mariscos, but also chicharrones with “Mexican kimchi” and “chiles rellenos with pork belly.” Expect carne asada and al pastor tacos, but also a version with tripe and foie gras and another with herb-marinated octopus. 
Davila-Boldin’s family hails from Guerrero, Mexico, and a significant portion of her girlhood was devoted to mastering the complex flavors of regional Mexican cooking
Sounds pretty awesome. Greenbaum mentioned previously that they hope to have good, fresh-made margaritas for $5 and other good cocktails.

El Chucho's will be located on 11th Street north of Lamont, next to Mr. Larry's Pet Store.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention! They're looking at a Cinco de Mayo (ish) opening.

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  1. Cant wait. Although i hope this does not impact on Rinconcito's biz. i hope both can co-exist.


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