Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mad Momos, new contemporary American/Sikkimese? fusion restaurant, coming to 14th and Perry

Four momos, a type of dumpling from Nepal, Tibet and India
The area near 14th Street around Spring Road is getting pretty popular recently. First we heard that The Pinch, an American restaurant, was coming to 14th and Parkwood, and now another new place, Mad Momos, has applied for a liquor license. They're to be located at 3605 14th Street NW.

From their alcohol license filing, it's a "New restaurant with fusion cuisine and background music. Seating capacity is 90. Total capacity is 195. Sidewalk Café with seating for 30 patrons. Two Summer Gardens with a total of 65 seats for patrons." (Summer garden meaning back patio area.) The owners are Sam Huang and Wanchuk Topden.

A momo is a dumpling found in Tibet, Nepal, and neighboring areas of India like Sikkim, which is between Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Mr. Topden, if this is the same person, seems to be of Sikkimese ancestry, so I would guess that the place will be a fusion of American and Sikkimese food -- a pretty interesting combination. I hope to learn more soon.

Doing a little more Googling, I learned that they're commissioning a line of ceramics for the place, which is pretty interesting. There's a Kickstarter page with a funky and kind of not-safe-for-work video (so don't watch it at the office) and a PDF talking about the ceramics.

It's interesting though, I wonder if the 14th and Spring area is going to become like 11th Street, the "hip strip," as the New York Times called it? I suppose we'll have to see what happens when the new places open, it seems like there may be a critical mass.


  1. Sikkim always fascinated me. The world map I had as a kid was a bit older, and it still showed it as an independent country. OK, turning off the geography nerdiness now...

  2. i love the all the outdoor seating. but the problem is that area is such a mess and dirty compared to 11th, 17th, or 18th street strips.

  3. Well hopefully with new more responsible businesses this area will become less of a mess. I live around the corner at 14th and Oak and am looking forward to these developments.


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