Monday, February 27, 2012

Coffy Cafe creperie set to open on Wednesday

Just heard from Philecia Harris, the owner of Coffy Cafe, the new creperie and cafe coming to 3310 14th Street NW: they will be open for business starting this Wednesday, the 29th.

The place sounds interesting: it's a mod-themed spot with savory and sweet crepes, coffee drinks, baked goods, and more. Some of the baked goods are coming from Harris's old family recipes. Sounds like a good option!

I interviewed Philecia a few months ago and also posted some in-progress photos from a few months ago. I look forward to stopping in once they're open!

Here's their website and Facebook pages.

UPDATE: Philecia says they'll be open 7am-9pm M-F, 8am-10pm Saturday, and 8am-8pm Sunday.

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  1. Sounds great! They've got a lot of competition for coffee and baked goods within a couple of blocks, though.


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