Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Target now has a "Bullseye Bodega"

Target "bodega"

The other day I was at the Target in DCUSA and noticed something odd: in the area on the first floor that used to have bulk items, there were signs for the "Bullseye Bodega." Kind of a weird name, and there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary there: things like random decorative vases, paper towels, storage boxes. I guess it's like a bodega in that there are random items you may need, but I don't really see what this accomplishes.

Doing a little research, there was something similar in NYC Target stores, a sort of pop-up for a few weeks where you could "Shop the Bodegas for chic deals in home, fashion, accessories and beauty from our acclaimed roster of design partners."  Unless you consider Target brand paper towels to be "chic" then I don't really get it. They do have some coupons, at least. Strange.


  1. Target has done this in D.C. for the past few years post-holidays. It's a faux Costco/warehouse retail experience, with high-quality bulk offerings. I wish that they offered it year-round.

    I always make sure to check back when they start clearing all that stuff out in the next few weeks at 15/30/50/75/90% off -- there can be some good bargains, especially on cleaning/hygiene products.

  2. Target also is starting pop-up shops to highlight local vendors. They are doing this in Boston and have enlisted my friend's business, Polka Dog Bakery, as one of the first new shops. I hope we get more than a bodega in Columbia Heights - we already have those in spades.


  3. Micah, I think that was something else -- they used to have bulk items there like Costco, but now it's just random stuff. The only bulk things I saw were paper towels.

  4. That part of the store is where Target stages its seasonal items. I've seen them do big displays for Easter/Passover, 4th of July, Back to School, Halloween, and Christmas. They need something to fill up that location during the months when there isn't a big shopping-related holiday.


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