Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Survey on the 52-53-54 buses: what can they do better?

Do you ride the 14th Street buses? Do you have any suggestions or complaints about the service? Odds are the answer is yes. I ride that bus occasionally and it seems pretty slow.

Luckily, WMATA has a survey on the bus: where you take it, how the service is, what suggestions you have, and so on. Too crowded? Too slow? Bunched buses? Take a look and fill it out!!!


  1. I used to take that route. My biggest complaint was the other riders. I call that route the crackheads/homeless route. The people are just louder, more obnoxious, and ruder than any other route I've been on. I don't what contributes to this, but I won't ride that route unless I absolutely have to.

    That may sound elitist, but I'm being honest.

    I now take the bus routes on 16th St. and it's so much better.

  2. Just took the survey, looks like it was designed for those currently riding or just alighted from the bus.

    It'd be nice to have a an express bus that ran throughout the day along 14th street, similar to the Circulator but rather than turning on to Columbia road, it runs with limited stops all the way up 14th to the bus depot. From my experience the ride is rowdier northbound and the bulk of crowds/rowdiness dissipates after the bus stops at 14th and Irving.

  3. No idea why none of those buses is express. 16th St. has the S9, but between Petworth and McPherson, those buses all make the same (too-frequent) stops.

  4. If I can't get on the Circulator to get me to at least P (and if I'm going downtown I'll walk from K), I take a cab. I avoid the 50 buses like the plague.

  5. Well if this bus is worse than the S2/4 going up 16th, then note to self - don't ever get on it. I hate the 16th St. bus. I will never understand why this city thinks a bus stop is needed on every single block. It takes more than half an hour to go from the first stop on Pennsylvania to Park Rd in ColHeights. Even at 9pm at night.

  6. I take those buses every day to get to work. Seems to be no better or worse than any other line in DC. They come frequently enough I am never late to work. No complaints from me!

  7. Thanks for posting this. I filled it out. Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to get to work from 14th and Irving, while other days it can take upwards of 40 minutes. I'm glad to see they're taking feedback from the community on how to improve things.


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