Thursday, January 19, 2012

More on Taylor Gourmet's breakfast (and late night and delivery) hoagies

After yesterday's post about breakfast hoagies, the folks at Taylor Gourmet sent me some more info on the sandwiches: take a look.


The Gup said...

when i read hoagies, am i right to assume we are talking about a 8 or 12 inch sandwich?

*Party pooper alert*

if so, GOOD GOD! no wonder we as a nation are so fat and unhealthy.

Mark said...

Why buy the six inch hoagie for $24.99 when the 12 inch is only $34.99?

Anonymous said...

@The Gup, they're 6 inches or 12 inches. Also, to calm your fears, my sandwich there last week was heavy on bread and lacking in everything else, so we'll probably be ok.