Monday, January 30, 2012

Joe Biden and granddaughters eat at Pete's Apizza

Folks at Pete's Apizza on Irving this Friday evening had a surprise: Vice President Joe Biden was eating there with two granddaughters. A buddy texted me about it at approximately 7 pm and a few folks started posting pictures to Twitter: @sethnotshep and @jmerzie have a couple good shots of the VP, Secret Service, surprised patrons, and more.

Of course, Pete's is kind of a popular place with the Obama administration: the President mentioned it in a speech ("everybody go there"), and later invited the owners to a meeting.

And previously I speculated that Columbia Heights was the Obamas' favorite DC neighborhood, since in the past few years President Obama signed a bill with Michelle at Tubman School, visited the Columbia Heights Youth Club with the First Lady, visited a charter school, also with Michelle, the First Lady went to the Upper Cardozo health center and jumped rope at Bell, and the President worked out at the DCUSA Washington Sports Club. And of course there's Pete's.

I guess sometimes the White House (or Naval Observatory, in Biden's case) gets boring. Might as well go eat somewhere you are familiar with.

Photo by @sethnotshep


  1. i saw biden on friday - and it's awesome that he went to pete's, BUT come on man, did your motorcade have to block the intersection of 14th and Irving for 30 minutes while you ate? Very glad I don't drive in this city, because the standstill traffic was insane in columbia heights.

  2. Wow, I walked right by this, even noticed the security and the escort vehicles, and had no idea it was Biden. Then again, I'm not the sort of person who walks TOWARD heavily armed guards just to peek in a window. :)

  3. You forgot to mention the first school visit the Obamas made after taking office was to Capital City PCS on 15th and Irving! They read a book to 2nd graders there.


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