Thursday, January 5, 2012

Housing market report for our area from Slate Properties

I just got an email about a quick housing market report for 2011 from real estate firm Slate Properties. It looks like the market is still pretty healthy. I must say condos are more expensive than I would have thought.

There's more on their blog.

(Full disclosure, Slate is an advertiser on this blog, but it's interesting and I would have run it anyway.)


  1. i realize average is well average...but that is a huge difference then listings i am seeing on 11th street and other areas east of 14th street.

    i wonder if lower petworth is included in this. this looks more like petworth prices.

  2. I suspect condos are priced so much higher than houses because the ones in Columbia Heights tend to be brand new or almost new, and there's a big price premium for new construction.

  3. The new condos are selling around 11th st and east of Georgia ave, this is why they average around or at above the price of the houses, which are selling west of Georgia ave. Any one knows that a 4 bed house, West of Georgia ave is quite high, 8,9, 1 mil.


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