Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Epidemic" barking dogs on the 600 block of Kenyon

I often peruse various listserves to see what's going on, and spotted this on MPD's 4D Substation list (formerly 3D Substation before they moved the district boundaries.)
Epidemic of Barking Dogs in 600 block of Kenyon 
Thank you for all you do to keep our neighborhood safe.
While low on the problems facing the neighborhood, I have been living here about a year and every weekend early in the morning neighbors put their dogs outside and they bark.
Are there things that the police can do to encourage the neighbors to be more thoughtful? I don't think fines, or tickets, or anything like that are necessary, maybe just a reminder that leaving their dogs out barking is not very considerate.
Thank you
Now I am sure barking dogs can be annoying. However, I wouldn't really call this an epidemic. Dogs bark -- that's what they do. You live in a city where there are dogs. What about knocking on your neighbor's door and talking to them about it, rather than emailing the MPD listserve?

I see this kind of thing often in the neighborhood, people seem to be afraid or reluctant to talk to neighbors about things like garbage or dogs or whatever. I'm sure some people are unreasonable, but immediately emailing a listserve or the police on minor things seems like an overreaction, and doesn't really contribute to a sense of community.

Am I crazy to think this is strange?

(And MPD did respond saying they forwarded the note to the lieutenant in charge of the area.)


  1. I have a neighbor who washes his car for hours in the alley behind us, while listening to ridiculously loud music. After about an hour or two I walked outside to ask him to turn it down (not off). His response was to turn it off and yell at me about how "you people moved in there and now I can't do anything without you people complaining". This music was so loud it was shaking stuff inside my house. I tried to tell him he didn't need to turn it off, just down. He glared at me in a threatening way and I walked away. A few weeks later I was subjected to super loud music from the alley again. Do you think I went outside and talked to him again? Nope. I called the police.

  2. Fair enough. At least you tried, though.

  3. what happened after you called the police? I have the same problem, but the guy washes his car in front of the house, right next to the police station on Park Rd. the police do nothing.

  4. That is about the most low priority complaint I can think of, considering crime in the area.

  5. GentrificationRocksJanuary 10, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    yeah seriously, if the person you need to talk to is the "old guard" of this neighborhood, i would advise not doing it.
    they are super pissed responsible clean people moved in and made the neighborhood better and safer. They go from 0-60 at even the hint of a complaint from the new guard.

  6. regarding the car washing:
    I don't think you understand how loud it can be. I have to shout to talk in my own house with the windows and door closed. I can't watch TV or listen to my own music while the car is being washed. At this point it is a matter of the right to enjoy my own property.

  7. read this:

    I listened to this dog and its predecessors for over 10 years. Finally moved.

  8. Well, there is obviously a lot of racially based resentment towards so-called "new arrivals/new guard" from the population that has been here longer. This obviously leads to neative feelings on both sides which cannot be moderated by mutual respect and neighborliness. So in come authorities.

    Something like dogs - well, that's a stretch and you just need to suck it up. The car thing - you should have handled that a lot faster, not waited so long. See if you can nail him for other things as well (litter, other noise violations, etc) - people have to learn, and obviously he's one of the big babies who didn't learn right from his parents.


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