Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas wreath bandit still on the loose!

You may recall a few weeks about, some folks on the Spring-Perry list were talking about a stolen Christmas wreath from off someone's door. It looks like the bandit still at it, as another person posted this yesterday:
To All:The Xmas wreath thief is still on duty!I noticed today that someone came into my yard and stole my wreath off of my front door.I quess I should be glad that they waited until after Xmas.  Weird happenings on Spring Pl..
Seriously, who does this? Is it a prank? Whoever it is, they're a real scrooge.

And if you have decorations, make sure to attach them firmly (and take them down soon! It's after the New Year!)

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  1. Actually, it's not after Christmas yet. Christmas ends on 1/6.


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