Monday, January 30, 2012

Corner store at 13th and Otis gets an upgrade: coffee bar, lots more wine, craft beer, fancier interior

Convenience store at 13th and Otis

Looks like the Thirteenth Street Market at the corner of 13th and Otis is going upscale: I recently visited to pick up some stuff and noticed it's had some big upgrades: there's a new coffee bar with all the fixins, nice new wood shelves, an entire wall of wine, and a whole lot more craft beer.

The store's owner (who is a really nice lady) said there was a lot more demand for this kind of thing lately, and she looked to add some more to the store as well.

It's interesting to see the change in focus of some of our local markets to reflect the changes in population, and this seems like a good fit for the area, as there isn't much else around with the wine or coffee.

Convenience store at 13th and Otis, outside Convenience store at 13th and Otis, lots of win

Joe Biden and granddaughters eat at Pete's Apizza

Folks at Pete's Apizza on Irving this Friday evening had a surprise: Vice President Joe Biden was eating there with two granddaughters. A buddy texted me about it at approximately 7 pm and a few folks started posting pictures to Twitter: @sethnotshep and @jmerzie have a couple good shots of the VP, Secret Service, surprised patrons, and more.

Of course, Pete's is kind of a popular place with the Obama administration: the President mentioned it in a speech ("everybody go there"), and later invited the owners to a meeting.

And previously I speculated that Columbia Heights was the Obamas' favorite DC neighborhood, since in the past few years President Obama signed a bill with Michelle at Tubman School, visited the Columbia Heights Youth Club with the First Lady, visited a charter school, also with Michelle, the First Lady went to the Upper Cardozo health center and jumped rope at Bell, and the President worked out at the DCUSA Washington Sports Club. And of course there's Pete's.

I guess sometimes the White House (or Naval Observatory, in Biden's case) gets boring. Might as well go eat somewhere you are familiar with.

Photo by @sethnotshep

Friday, January 27, 2012

Trash Cat clothing shop opening this Saturday at the Pleasant Plains Workshop on Georgia

There's a cool-sounding pop-up shop is coming to the Pleasant Plains Workshop this Saturday: Trash Cat, a clothing sale and swap. Their grand opening is this Saturday from 4 to 8 pm, and after that they'll be open Thursdays and Fridays from 2-7pm, Saturdays 1-6pm and Sundays noon to 5pm. Trash Cat will be open until February 25th.

Basically, the shop is a collective organized by four ladies to sell and swap interesting clothes -- some vintage, some new. You can read more on their Facebook page and the the PPW's website.

I've written about the Pleasant Plains Workshop before, it's a cool art venue/gallery/space for events located at 2608 Georgia Avenue NW. In the past, they've had performances and artists have sold their wares. It's a neat venue and worth a visit.

UPDATE: The organizers note that it's a small space, so Saturday might be packed, and they suggested Sunday as another option. There's a Washingtonian piece on it, and here's some more photos they passed along:

People's Noodle Bar now open Monday-Saturday; Senor Chicken is closed

People's Noodle (Ramen in Columbia Heights) Ramen fans, you are in luck. People's Noodle Bar, the pop-up ramen shop that took over Senor Chicken on Saturday evenings, is now open Monday-Saturday from 5 to 9:30 pm. And along with this, Senor Chicken is now closed indefinitely, so it's ramen only.

Chef Peter He tells DCist that they're going to convert Senor Chicken to People's Noodle Bar, and this is a step along the way.

I interviewed Peter a few months ago and also visited the place -- pretty darn tasty. It's not the ramen you may think of from the packets, it's good noodles, pork, veggies or duck skin, and fresh herbs. The pork is Berkshire pork and other ingredients are from local farmers.

I'm happy for them, and also glad to see another good food spot open -- plus Senor Chicken never seemed to have many customers.

You can follow People's on Twitter. They're located on the Park Road side of DCUSA, just west of 14th Street.

Photo by Justin Grimes

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don't Block the Box comedy show at Wonderland this Friday

Sounds like a fun time at ol' Wonderland this Friday:
Hell yeah! Don't Block the Box is back for our record breaking ninth show at the Wonderland Ballroom! And here's the schedule of events: first you'll drink, then you'll laugh, then you'll drink some more, then you'll dance until the night is over and everyone had a fucking awesome time!

Your headliners:
Doug Powell (Fresh off the release of his new one-hour special "I Am You An Hour From Now" and seen at the DC Improv and the Riot Act Comedy Club)

Tim Miller (Improv feature act, opener for Daniel Tosh, Pablo Francisco, and Bob Marley, from the popular Three Guys On podcast & Sirius/XM radio)

Johno Cain (Riot Act Comedy Club, Virginia Beach Funny Bone)

Moreese Licorish (Broadway Comedy Club, DC Improv)

Hosted by:
Reggie Melbrough (KZ's Comedy Contest winner & headliner, feature at BloomBars, Speakeasy DC)

Show @ 7:30
21 and over
Where: The second floor of Wonderland Ballroom
Price: $3, cash only (coins acceptable!)
Closest Metro station: Only a few blocks from Columbia Heights Station
Parking: Everywhere!
Fun: times a trillion
Bar: Oh, there's a bar

Spotted: DC voting rights posters around the area

Support DC's right to vote!

I spotted this poster the other day on Georgia Avenue. While I'm not a fan of wheatpastes (see the ANSWER Coalition crap) at least it's now legal for this to be up for 180 days.

And DC voting rights an effort that I think we should all support, since as hopefully you know DC doesn't have a vote in Congress, despite a population bigger than Wyoming and Alaska. To me that's completely unfair, as we're taxpayers and are frequently subjected to the whims of Congress, which can decide to block anything the city tries to do, even if the city council approves it or a referendum passes -- like happened with Initiative 59 a few years ago, which approved medical marijuana and with abortion funding.

To see what you can do, check out

Intern and volunteer opportunities at the Latin American Youth Center's Art + Media House

Here's some great opportunities with a cool local organization. LAYC does a lot of good things, and the Art + Media House has tons of programs for kids (they designed the mural outside Wonderland) and for adults (I'm taking a class there now, in fact.)

Take a look, and pass it on.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Closed Adams Morgan outdoor marketplace reopens at 14th and Otis

Something I missed: we have a new outdoor market. 

The Unity Marketplace recently closed shop at its old location on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan due to a permit issue. They were open on weekends and they used to sell Latin American crafts and food (the churros and tacos were pretty solid). But now they moved to our area, opening at 14th and Otis in November. They've also expanded when they're open, Tuesdays through Sundays from 7:30am-6:30pm, and they've renamed themselves as the International City Fair.

Metro Diversity has more, including this on the what they'll have:
Food stands feature typical foods from El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and the Caribbean. Artisans offer outerwear garments, specialty items and typical crafts. Once established, ICF will expand to include a greater variety of offerings. The objective is to provide healthy, economical food choices with fresh ingredients for a variety of tastes and an attractive, open air street fair for visitors and residents in the heart of the District. 
I haven't had a chance to stop by yet, but it sounds pretty cool. Anyone been?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Room 11 has a new blog on their expansion progress

You may recall that we recently heard that Room 11, the great little bar at 11th and Lamont, is expanding into the space next door. They also just stared using their blog to detail the progress on the expansion: right now they're tearing down walls and things in the spot, which used to be Jeans N Things (here's the location on Google Streetview).

They hope to be finished in early Summer, and it looks like they have their work cut out for them, the place is pretty messed up. I'm really looking forward to it, Room 11 is a great spot if you haven't been. I try to go about once a week. Here's their website.

Target now has a "Bullseye Bodega"

Target "bodega"

The other day I was at the Target in DCUSA and noticed something odd: in the area on the first floor that used to have bulk items, there were signs for the "Bullseye Bodega." Kind of a weird name, and there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary there: things like random decorative vases, paper towels, storage boxes. I guess it's like a bodega in that there are random items you may need, but I don't really see what this accomplishes.

Doing a little research, there was something similar in NYC Target stores, a sort of pop-up for a few weeks where you could "Shop the Bodegas for chic deals in home, fashion, accessories and beauty from our acclaimed roster of design partners."  Unless you consider Target brand paper towels to be "chic" then I don't really get it. They do have some coupons, at least. Strange.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Checking out Smucker Farms, the new Amish store on 14th

Smucker Farms Amish store

The other day I stopped by Smucker Farms of Lancaster County, the new Amish store at 2118 14th Street NW (near W). It's basically a small grocery store with traditional and artisanal items -- think a small version of Whole Foods if everything was from Amish and Mennonite farmers (and some local farmers in the DC area).

The store is actually fairly minimalist, with shelves along the side walls and some displays in the center, plus some other items in the back. There are dry food items (soups, jelly, pasta, root beer, and so on) plus a bit of organic produce, and a lot of farm-raised beef, poultry, pork, eggs and dairy (see that here and here).

They also have dry goods like soap, candles and wooden toys (and kubb sets) in the back area.

When I was there, the cashier was a cousin of founder Eric Smucker, who she said is from Lancaster, the Amish heartland, and has been in DC for nine years.

The place has a lot of nice items, and I'd go back, but it's not your average grocery store: I'm sure there are good things there, but a lot of them I've never tried. You have to have either heard of the relatively popular stuff, like the highly-rated, lard-made Good's Potato Chips, or you have to pick stuff that sounds good or interesting. Definitely not your usual food shopping experience. The prices were a bit higher, but not outrageous, and you certainly get what you pay for. I got a really tasty jug of root beer for about $3 and stroopwaffles, a delicious Dutch treat of waffle cookies with caramel between them, for about the same price.

You should stop by and check it out yourself. It's always nice to have a store with quality items and farm-raised food, especially now that the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace is done for the season. They're open 8am-10pm on weekdays and 9-9 on Saturday and Sunday.

Smucker Farms Amish store

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Funny video: "Shit DC People Say"

This video is making the rounds, "Shit DC People Say" by the folks at Social Studies DC. It's not specific to Columbia Heights, but some of the things are certainly familiar (and there is a brief mention: "Shaw is the new Columbia Heights.")


Of course, you could make the case that this is more "Shit 20- and 30-something white professional people say in DC" but why take out the fun?

More on Taylor Gourmet's breakfast (and late night and delivery) hoagies

After yesterday's post about breakfast hoagies, the folks at Taylor Gourmet sent me some more info on the sandwiches: take a look.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Survey on the 52-53-54 buses: what can they do better?

Do you ride the 14th Street buses? Do you have any suggestions or complaints about the service? Odds are the answer is yes. I ride that bus occasionally and it seems pretty slow.

Luckily, WMATA has a survey on the bus: where you take it, how the service is, what suggestions you have, and so on. Too crowded? Too slow? Bunched buses? Take a look and fill it out!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taylor Gourmet now serving breakfast food for delivery, mornings and late nights starting Feb 4.

This post has been updated. See below.

If there weren't enough good Taylor Gourmet news after their opening on 14th Street and word they'll deliver to Columbia Heights, now they're will be serving breakfast sandwiches (subs, really) and other breakfast items starting Feb. 4, all of which are also available for delivery and takeout -- and late night on Friday and Saturday.

DCist has a full photo gallery and they look awesome: sausage, broccoli rabe, egg and bacon on one, pork roll, carmelized onions, egg and cheddar, and other things like breakfast risotto balls. Dang.

The hours for breakfast items are Friday, 10pm-3:30am, Saturday 8-10:30am and 10pm-3:30am, and Sunday 8-10:30am.

Sounds great, I just hope I'm awake early (or late) enough to try them.

UPDATE: Breakfast starts Feb. 4.

Taylor Gourmet is located at 1908 14th Street NW.
Photo by James Calder

Friday, January 13, 2012

History redux: read a 1904 book about Columbia Heights

A few years ago I posted about this cool old book from 1904 about our neighborhood: "A statement of some of the advantages of beautiful Columbia Heights, a neighborhood of homes" by the Columbia Heights Citizen's Association. It's basically a PR piece about why you should move here, and it's an interesting read. A buddy just pointed out that you can now read it easily online, so I figured why not post it again so more people get a chance to see it? It's really fascinating, funny, and worth a read.

Aside from the general historical interest, there's also a lot of great old photos of buildings, some of which are still standing and some of which, unfortunately, aren't. There's sections on houses, apartments, the streetcar tracks, churches, streets, schools, police and fire, and other nearby sites. They also call it the "future home of the President," citing that apparently Garfield wanted to move here. You may recall that there was a lobbying effort to try to get the President to move to Meridian Hill, which obviously didn't happen.

The book also mentions a lot of street names you may not know, like Yale, Kennesaw, Binney, Roanoke, and others: most were renamed to their current names (you can see this map for more). Some, however, kept their old names, like Kenyon, Harvard, and Columbia. You may notice that many of these are colleges -- my guess is that's because the area is between Columbian College, which was located between 14th and 15th where Meridian Hill Park is now (and later moved to Foggy Bottom and became GW) and Howard University.

The last page has a description of why one person bought a house in the neighborhood:

A gentleman, of National reputation, who has just bought a house on Columbia Heights, thus summarizes:
"I bought on Columbia Heights because---
First. It is the highest point on the highlands surrouding the city. It offers me a cool retreat after a hard day's work, and is only twenty minutes' ride from my office.
Second. It is free from malaria.
Third. I am near enough to Rock Creek and the Zoo to enjoy their benefits to the full, and yet far enough away to be exempt from their discomforts or annoyances, day or night, incident to residence in the close proximity thereto.
Fourth: The Church and School facilities afforded here are unrivalled elsewhere.
Fifth: Four street car lines insure safe and rapid transit to and from every part of the city."

I'm so tired of getting malaria in downtown DC. Read on for more (and click the four arrows for a full-screen view.) I also like how they say "on Columbia Heights" rather than "in Columbia Heights."


Review of Dynasty Ethiopian restaurant on 14th: pretty good

Dynasty Ethiopian I'm a fan of Ethiopian food, but with the unfortunate demise of Tegeste up 14th, there weren't many options in the neighborhood for it. With that in mind, a friend and I went to check out Dynasty, the Ethiopian spot at 2210 14th Street NW, near Florida Avenue. It's not amazing, but it was pretty tasty.

When we walked in at about 8 pm, there was only one other table with people, a group of Ethiopian men. There was a stage set up to one side and sparse decor, similar to Tegeste's interior sparseness, and a bar in the corner.

We ordered zilzil (beef) tibs as a starter, which was a little chewy and subtly flavored, but good. Then for entrees we got the vegetarian platter and chef's special lamb tibs. The vegetarian platter also wasn't as strongly flavored as other places, but definitely wasn't bland -- lots of good veggies and lentils. The chef's special was also good and with a little spice, we both ate it hungrily. The menu is medium-sized, but had everything we'd assume an Ethiopian place would have.

The waitstaff was friendly and they also had Ethiopian beer available, like St. George and Harar. And it was pretty inexpensive, for both of us it was about $30. Can't beat that.

So while I still prefer Tegeste, Dynasty is a good option for local Ethiopian food. They also had signs for live music, which could be interesting.

Dynasty is at 2210 14th Street NW. Here's their Yelp page.

Neat Three Kings Day photo gallery from last Sunday

In case you missed it, last Sunday was the Epiphany, or Three Kings Day in many Latin American countries. Every year there's a procession through our neighborhood, which is a traditional happening in Latin America. I didn't get a chance to go, but DCist has a great photo gallery, with Mary and Joseph, the Three Wise Men, live animals, a petting zoo, accompanying musicians, and more. Looks pretty awesome.

The procession went through Mount Pleasant and ended up at about the Tivoli Theater.

Always great to see culture like this in the neighborhood, it really shows you what a diverse and interesting place Columbia Heights is.

Photo by James Calder

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Seriously, don't let your dogs pee or poop outside Easter Seals at 13th and Girard

The other day I noticed this sign on the fence outside the Easter Seals child care center at 13th and Girard. Honestly people, don't bring your dogs onto that lawn. Kids play there. There's tons of grass elsewhere.

And of course, pick up your dog's poop.

Street Booze: Heineken cans on Fairmont at Georgia

Street Booze: Fairmont and Georgia

It's time for another episode of Street Booze, where I spot bottles of alcohol on the street. These Heineken cans were on Fairmont Street just before Georgia Ave, looks like somebody was having a winter street party. There's also another beer can in the back. Not sure why somebody would chug Heineken outside rather than something cheaper, but hey.

Fun fact: Heineken is the third largest brewer in the world.

Curious about more Street Booze? Check out the archive.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Late night food option: El Rinconcito Deportivo on 11th Street

El Rinconcito Deportivo is open late

This past Saturday night I noticed that El Rinconcito Deportivo, a little hole in the wall Latin American spot on 11th Street between Wonderland and Room 11 (i.e. 11th Street between Kenyon and Lamont) is open late. From their Facebook page, it seems this 2:45 am time is for Fridays and Saturdays.

I've been there a couple times before and the food is simple and pretty tasty, and I'm sure folks are always open for another nearby, late night food option.

The place gets 4 stars on Yelp. Note this is not the same place as El Rinconcito II on Park Road across from the Giant. I think Rinconcito, Spanish for "little corner," is a common name for restaurants.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Epidemic" barking dogs on the 600 block of Kenyon

I often peruse various listserves to see what's going on, and spotted this on MPD's 4D Substation list (formerly 3D Substation before they moved the district boundaries.)
Epidemic of Barking Dogs in 600 block of Kenyon 
Thank you for all you do to keep our neighborhood safe.
While low on the problems facing the neighborhood, I have been living here about a year and every weekend early in the morning neighbors put their dogs outside and they bark.
Are there things that the police can do to encourage the neighbors to be more thoughtful? I don't think fines, or tickets, or anything like that are necessary, maybe just a reminder that leaving their dogs out barking is not very considerate.
Thank you
Now I am sure barking dogs can be annoying. However, I wouldn't really call this an epidemic. Dogs bark -- that's what they do. You live in a city where there are dogs. What about knocking on your neighbor's door and talking to them about it, rather than emailing the MPD listserve?

I see this kind of thing often in the neighborhood, people seem to be afraid or reluctant to talk to neighbors about things like garbage or dogs or whatever. I'm sure some people are unreasonable, but immediately emailing a listserve or the police on minor things seems like an overreaction, and doesn't really contribute to a sense of community.

Am I crazy to think this is strange?

(And MPD did respond saying they forwarded the note to the lieutenant in charge of the area.)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Georgia Avenue neighborhood meeting today at 7 pm

Sorry for the short notice:

This is a reminder that the next Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force meeting is this Monday January 9th from 7-9 at the G II Restaurant at 2632 Georgia Avenue NW (corner of GA and Fairmont).
Business owners, particularly corner store owners should attend this meeting as we will discuss:- An opportunity for businesses to collectively buy power and save on their energy bills- The Healthy Corner Stores initiative which gives corner store owners incentives to carry fresh, affordable produce in their stores.
All are welcome.  See you on Monday

Two more funny videos filmed in the area

You may remember the goofy videos I posted a few months ago: the music video filmed in the neighborhood with remote control cars and the Tom Petty Cabs, also with remote control cars and talking face cut-outs. And now the videos' creator, Andy Rothwell, is at it again, with two new ones.

The two videos both feature the talking head cut-outs, one of Harrison Ford looking his wife featuring clips from The Fugitive, and the other of Axl Rose from Guns n' Roses saying some not very PC things. Both were filmed around the neighborhood and in some surrounding places. Always like l amusing diversions like this on a Monday.

See below for the two, and note that the Axl Rose one has some bad language -- Guns n' Roses were not exactly family-friendly.

(And if you have any videos, music, art or anything else to share that's about the neighborhood, let me know).

National Symphony Orchestra at Wonderland: awesome


It's not every day a world class symphony orchestra performs at your local dive bar -- but that's what happened on Sunday, when the National Symphony Orchestra put on a free chamber performance at Wonderland.

The performance was part of the NSO in Your Neighborhood series, where the orchestra performed at various venues in the neighborhood, like Bell School, Wonderland, BloomBars, and more. The series is almost over, but there's two more shows on Monday, at the Dance Institute of Washington on 14th and at the Jewish Community Center on 16th.

I had a chance to visit Wonderland for the show, and was really glad I did. The upstairs was almost at capacity when I arrived, and there was a diverse crowd -- many people older than your usual Wonderland patrons, a few young kids with parents, a lot of 20- and 30-somethings, some dressed up  and some not so dressed up (me included, unfortunately.)

NSO at WonderlandThe group performing consisted of four musicians on the violin, viola, cello and bass respectively: Glenn Donnellan, Ruth Wicker Schaaf, David Teie, and Jeffrey Weisner, accompanied by three dancers: Kelly Moss Southall, Gregg Corbino, and Maura Gahan. Southall explained in a Q&A after the show that he lived in the neighborhood, which was cool to hear. You may also have heard Donnellan's name before, as he often performs with a violin he made out of a baseball bat.

The backstage, if you could call it that, was the area past the bar with the coolers, and it was pretty funny to see a violinist warming up there. Before the show I overheard some people talking, who said there should be classical music in dive bars all the time. That sentiment was something I heard repeated a few times throughout the day. Then one of the musicians thanked the crowd and mentioned the NSO's Tumblr, and the show was on its way.

They played a variety of music, from some that sounded more avant garde to an Irish song on the fiddle, accompanied by step-dancing, to a couple of other classical numbers and one by Apocalyptica, a classical/metal group. The dancers performed during a few numbers with some costume changes and the occasional prop. (See below for a slide show of photos from the afternoon.)

 It was pretty wild to watch classical musicians on the stage usually filled with DJs or trivia hosts, with the big Common Share sign behind them. The usual bar noises like clinking ice and silverware seemed magnified by the quiet audience.

The Q&A afterwards was a nice idea, especially since many people in attendance were probably new to classical music. One of Wonderland's owners, Rose, asked how the small stage, which had a few tables piled up and other things behind it, affected the performance, and one of the musicians quipped that it felt like home. Other folks asked about the NSO in Your Neighborhood series in general, and the musicians said it was great and that all the venues were full -- nice to hear. They also made the point that if you liked them, there are 95 more musicians like them at the Kennedy Center. A NSO staffer  mentioned a discounted ticket program for people under 30, which is really cool. They also asked that if people enjoyed the show to post on the NSO's Facebook page, as that will help let them know that these kinds of events are appreciated. 

I really enjoyed the performance. Aside from being a nice way to spend a weekend afternoon, it's a great idea -- it exposed a lot of new people to classical music and brought a lot of people to the neighborhood who have probably never visited before. That's a good thing, as folks can see that while Columbia Heights may not be "toney," there's certainly a lot going for it. After the Q&A, one of the NSO staffers told me that a musician talked about how cool Wonderland was, and that he hoped to come back. I feel the same way -- I hope the NSO and the concertgoers come back soon.

Friday, January 6, 2012

French bakery Le Caprice now open at 14th and Newton

Those of you clamoring for a bakery, check this out: Le Caprice, a new French bakery, is now open at 3460 14th Street NW, in the Allegro building.

Washingtonian has an early look at the spot: it's owned by Manijeh Erfani, who in the past ran a bakery in northern France, attended culinary school, and moved to the US with her husband to open a French bakery.

There will be baguettes, baked twice a day, seasonal specialties, and lots of pastries like pains au chocolat, croissants, and move. Everything is made in the shop aside from bagels. They're trying out different kinds of coffee, and there will also be salads, French sandwiches, croque monsieurs and the like for lunch. They also do catering.

They have a mouth-watering photo gallery too, and Yelpers like them so far.

Sounds awesome, I hope to check it out soon.

Want to work for Jim Graham? Communications director needed

Want to work for Jim Graham? Ward 1's councilmember (Columbia Heights is in Ward 1) has been posting a job opening on various listserves. Take a look!

Dear Friends, 
I have an opening on my staff for the fulltime position of Media Director. This is an excellent opportunity for the right person.
The key responsibilities of the position are:
* writing press materials, engaging press
* preparing talking points and some speeches
* scheduling and coordinating media interviews and events
* creating and maintaining content for my website and social media sites
* monitoring local media outlets and preparing morning press clips  
This position requires very good writing, editing, and research skills. Applicants must be able to work quickly on tight deadlines, and be able to multi-task. Candidates should also be proficient in Windows-based office applications - Word, Outlook, Excel, etc. Website development and basic IT skills are also preferred 
Prior experience in D.C. government, public relations, or media desired.
Applicants must be D.C. residents, preferably living in Ward 1.
Salary to be discussed, but in the area of $50k.
Applications deadline: 5 PM, January 20, 2012 
To apply, please send your resume to me, at
Bests, Councilmember Jim Graham

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Housing market report for our area from Slate Properties

I just got an email about a quick housing market report for 2011 from real estate firm Slate Properties. It looks like the market is still pretty healthy. I must say condos are more expensive than I would have thought.

There's more on their blog.

(Full disclosure, Slate is an advertiser on this blog, but it's interesting and I would have run it anyway.)

Many National Symphony Orchestra events coming up soon: including Wonderland!

The National Symphony Orchestra's NSO In Your Neighborhood program is underway! There's lots of great events coming up soon. It's not every day an internationally-famous symphony visits our (or any) neighborhood, so you owe it to yourself to check them out.

They're appearing in some more traditional venues (churches, theaters) and some not-so-traditional venues (Wonderland.) Yes, symphony orchestra performers will be playing at Wonderland.

Below is a list of performances, and there's also a flyer (farther down). Some require tickets, go here for more on that.

1700 Kalorama Rd., NW
Friday, January 6 at 4 p.m.

3222 11th St., NW
Sunday, January 8 at 10 a.m. & 7 p.m. 

2835 16th St., NW
Sunday, January 8 at 1 p.m.

3333 14th Street NW
Sunday, January 8 at 2 p.m.

1101 Kenyon St., NW
Sunday, January 8 at 2 p.m.

1529 16th St., NW
Monday, January 9 at 5:30 p.m.

For more information and for a full performance listing, please visit

David and Alice Rubenstein are the Presenting Underwriters of the NSO.
The National Symphony Orchestra’s Community Engagement Program is made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Irene Pollin.
Additional support is provided by The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation and Linda and Tobia Mercuro. 

NSO IYN Flyer Use

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas wreath bandit still on the loose!

You may recall a few weeks about, some folks on the Spring-Perry list were talking about a stolen Christmas wreath from off someone's door. It looks like the bandit still at it, as another person posted this yesterday:
To All:The Xmas wreath thief is still on duty!I noticed today that someone came into my yard and stole my wreath off of my front door.I quess I should be glad that they waited until after Xmas.  Weird happenings on Spring Pl..
Seriously, who does this? Is it a prank? Whoever it is, they're a real scrooge.

And if you have decorations, make sure to attach them firmly (and take them down soon! It's after the New Year!)

Neighborhood Watch training on Jan. 17

Want to help keep an eye on the neighborhood? Check this out, from the Northwest Columbia Heights Civic Assoication:

Reminder: Want to work with your neighbors for a better community?  Tired of crime?  Sign up for Neighborhood Watch Training!

Join us on Facebook: 

Happy New Year from NWCHCA!

Let's start 2012 the right way, TOGETHER, building a stronger community! In the spirit of service, on the Tuesday after the Martin Luther King holiday, let's commit to serving our neighborhoods. All DC neighborhoods are welcome to join in!

Neighborhood Watch Training
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
6:30 to 9:00 PM
St Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church
1525 Newton St NW, Washington DC, 20010
Upstairs Auditorium, 16th-Street Side
Agenda:6:30 PM to 7:00 PM - Sign-in, Meet Your Neighbors, Light Dinner7:00 PM to 8:00 PM - Crime Prevention Training with Samantha Nolan8:00 PM to 9:00 PM - Small-group Discussions - Issue Identification and Goal Setting

Sponsored by the Northwest Columbia Heights Community Association with support from Target, the Columbia Heights Shaw Family Support Collaborative and the UPS Store.

Training is free-of-charge, all are welcome, free refreshments provided! 

Want to volunteer to help with the Neighborhood Watch Training event? We need small-group discussion leaders and help with meeting logistics. Please sign up on the registration form, or contact me:202-299-7868

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Room 11 is expanding! Taking over next door space

Looks like you'll have more opportunities for wine, cocktails, and tasty morsels: Room 11, the nice little spot at 11th and Lamont, will be taking over the next door space. Co-owner Paul Ruppert sent this to me today:
The owners of Room 11 (Ben Gilligan, Nick Pimentel, Paul Ruppert and Dan Searing) are pleased to announce they have signed a lease to take over the adjoining storefront at 3232 11th St NW, formerly Jeans 'N' Things. Construction will begin soon and the projected completion date is early summer. "The only regular complaint we get is that there are not enough seats" says Searing, "so we are looking forward to having more room to serve our loyal guests."
I hear from staff that there will be expanded kitchen space as well, and maybe even day operations, though I don't have more details on that.

This goes along with their new Sunday brunch options, so it looks like they're ramping up. Nice to see. I am a big fan of Room 11. I hope they don't lose the coziness they have, but I doubt they would.

Taylor Gourmet sandwich shop now open at 14th & T, will deliver to Columbia Heights

IMG_3819.jpg If you are a tasty sandwich fan, you have some more options: Taylor Gourmet, the Philly/Italian-style sandwich chain, has just opened its third location at 14th and T.

The shop is at 1908 14th Street NW, and folks are big fans of the other area locations, even if they no longer ship bread down from Philly. They have Italian meats like prosciutto and sopressata, plus chicken cutlets, which is a Philly thing (and looks delicious.) There are a ton of photos of the sandwiches and the H Street NE location here.

They'll also deliver to our area, though they don't yet have a map on their website.

I've never been, but I hope they don't hurt the business of the delicious Paila on Park Road and Fast Gourmet at 14th and W. Those two spots are great.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! Did you do anything in the neighborhood?

Hopefully you had a good New Year's Eve and not too rough of a New Year's Day. Did you do anything in the neighborhood? I went over to Wonderland after the ball dropped and it was pretty busy, but not as crazy as I expected. I saw one guy get escorted out, but nothing too crazy otherwise, aside from the general intoxicated atmosphere.

How about you? Hit any local spots for NYE? How were they?