Friday, December 16, 2011

Z-Burger opening in 3-4 weeks

UPDATE: This is not opening in 3-4 weeks, but mid-February. See my newer post.

Local burger chain Z-Burger, along with the Grocery Store Who Shall Not Be Named, has been one of the great mysteries of Columbia Heights. When are they opening? What's the deal? They were supposed to open last Summer, and in September, and I think some other times. But there may be some good news coming for burger fans.

I've tried calling and emailing them before to ask what's going on, with no luck. Just today I worked through some contacts to get a hold of a PR agency who works with them, and while they were helpful, they didn't know anything. They did give me the owner's phone number, and I called him... and his mailbox was full. End of the road? As luck would have it, he called me back, so I'll be heading over on Saturday to take a look.

And then I came across a PoP post from yesterday where he got a preview of the burger joint with lots of interior photos. It looks pretty darn nice inside, there are some nice murals that one commenter says are original to the building, though I don't remember seeing them when it was Nori or Mayorga. Maybe they were covered up. They told PoP they're opening in 3-4 weeks, although a commenter on my previous post says a local business owner was told it would be February. We'll see!

Speaking of Nori and Mayorga, the closed sushi place and coffee places: let's hope the spot isn't cursed and Z-Burger lasts longer than they did. Glad to hear they're close to opening.

And something else -- if you are a new local business and would like some press, email me. Seriously, it's easy. I want to support you, I want to write about you. Don't make me hire a private investigator to get an update.

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  1. I would still rather see something else in that spot. I don't think we need a Z-burger practically across the street from Five Guys.


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