Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hundreds sleep outside overnight to get a chance for affordable housing

Think our neighborhood and our city don't need more affordable housing? The Post and WUSA may change your mind.

Both had articles about openings in the waiting list for Hubbard Place, an affordable housing building at 3500 14th Street NW. Hundreds of people slept outside it overnight on Monday hoping to land a spot -- not in the building, but on the waiting list, and it might be a year before anybody actually gets a space. Crazy stuff.

Here's a video from WUSA. Let's hope some of these folks find a place soon.


  1. mike

    Anyone who thinks that DC doesn't need affordable housing is living in a bubble. Many people I work with have been on the housing waiting list since 2003!!
    We need more housing for those who are living in poverty and homelessness. We need to have protections for those who have lived in DC for years and are now being pushed out.

  2. I understand it's in the neighborhood and was a big story, but please save us from these politically sensitive stories.

  3. Thanks for posting this. The neighborhood changes a lot and flagging these kinds of issues is important. I appreciate this!

  4. I disagree Anon 1. I think it's vital to see stories like this. I've walked by this building a couple of times and had no idea that people were so desperate to reside there. There are other rent-controlled buildings in the area.

  5. Oh spare me. We have more affordable housing in this neighborhood than we know what to do with. DC continues to encourage generational welfare but turns a blind eye to those who would like to live in the city but can't -- police, EMT, teachers,. You know, contributing members of society. I'm so tired of these woe is me stories.

  6. Latina, that may be with teachers and such, but then why did so many people sit in line?


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