Monday, November 28, 2011

Parking frustrations on Kenyon: tickets for parking where you should park

Sounds like some residents of the 600 block of Kenyon are getting ticketed unfairly. Just received this email and photo from a reader.
I've got a question over a parking sign stack on my block. I live on a rush hour no-parking street.

For months and months and months, all my neighbors and I have been parking on my side of the street on TUESDAYS, and the rest of the week on the opposite side.

The opposite side of the street has a Tuesday street sweeping 7am-7pm sign.

Just the other week or so ago, all my neighbors and I started getting tickets for parking on my side of the street on Tuesdays, even though the parking sign states you can park there 7am-7pm Tuesdays [with residential parking permit of course]

WTF?  Why would they have ticketing start recently?

Was wondering if you, or anyone in the community has run in to this kind of conflicting parking sign situation before.

I really don't want to pay $100 out of the blue.
Seems to me like the reader is in the right -- why would it say parking on Tuesday if you couldn't park there?

Anyone else have this happen on their blocks?


  1. Yup, this happened to me last week (Monday) on Columbia. Clearly posted "Except Zone 1 Holders Monday."

  2. Alternate side of the street parking is suspended now in DC from now until Nov 1 until March 1 (or 30?). There's probably a sign on the other side of the street saying that...which means you don't need to move your car to the other side.
    It seems they need clearer signs on BOTH sides of the street.

  3. They've done the same thing on the 1400 block of Harvard. They're enforcing the signs differently this year than they have been doing for the last 4 years.

    CONTEST THE TICKET. Go take pictures of the signs, and go to the DMV website and contest the ticket. Email your councilmember, too. Not sure about your street, but on ours the signs are completely confusing and have been as long as I've lived here. I've seen 20-year residents argue with parking enforcement over interpretations of the signs.

  4. Yep, this has to do with the street cleaning which is suspended until March. The signs should be made clear or taken down during the Nov 1 to March 1 period so there is no confusion. Please email your council representative to explain.

  5. We will talk to DPW and make sure the signs/enforcement match.

    John Lisle
    DDOT Communications

  6. Street sweeping is over, so there is no reason to move to the other side of the street. If you follow the signs, both sides of the street get blocked. While the signs are not clear about it, you should know this as a car owners in DC. I don't have a car and I know this.
    That being said, you can probably easily argue out of it, since the signs are unclear.

  7. Enforcement has been inconsistent with the signs. In previous years, you could park on both sides of the street one day a week during the winter, but this year, they have either changed the rules without notifying us, or the enforcement officials are not properly trained. I contested my ticket immediately...

  8. I had this happen to me several months back on the 1400 block of Kenyon when they changed street sweeping from Tuesday to Monday. They changed the signs on one side, but not the other. I contested and they dropped the ticket. On another note, I don't believe that alternate side parking is suspended between Nov and Mar... it's just a freebie. Was parked on the "wrong" side all day today (would have been street sweeping day) with no ticket. Good luck!

  9. I just got one of those nice $100 tickets today (Tuesday) on the 1400 block of Harvard- will be contesting immediately.

    Either the signs need to come down during the winter or no tickets should be written! I've lived here six years and this is the first time this has happened- maybe I have a new parking enforcement official?

  10. Street sweeping suspended between November and March. Reference here:,+October+31

  11. I've got two of those nices $100 tickets at the 400 Block of Irving St NW at once on Tuesday Nov. 15: one for parking on rush hour on the north side (right) of the street and another because they relocated my car to the other side of the street. WTF? I have already contested the ticket this weekend bc if they stop cleaning one side, it does not mean you cannot park on the other side on Tuesdays, UNLESS, they remove the parking sign. Let's make sure we all keep ourselves posted on the outcome of your letters and if for any reason our tickets are not dismissed, we should send a letter to the council member together, no?

  12. How bout we just forget about rush hour restrictions through our residential streets? All this does is bring speeding Maryland drivers into our neighborhood and endanger children and pedestrians.


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