Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giant Black Friday lines at DCUSA; folks eat Thanksgiving dinner in line

I stopped by DCUSA on Thursday night just before Target and Best Buy opened at midnight, and it was pretty crazy. There were separate lines for each store: the Target line went all the way to Park Road and up that street a bit, while the Best Buy line was longer, it went down to Irving, then all the way up to Hiatt Place. It was hard to estimate, but there were easily a few hundred people in line, plus others milling about to go to Modell's, which also opened at midnight.

There were a couple musicians wandering around, the Panera was open feeding folks, and it was generally pretty wild. The Washington Times posted this video, which says it was taken at "Columbia Heights Mall." Whatever that is.

The Times also has an article about the loss of Thanksgiving due to the early opening, and one about a person eating Thanksgiving dinner in line. To me, that's too much.

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  1. We walked by around 8:45 and the lines were pretty short then, so folks must have shown up en mass later. At that time the Best Buy line was only to about Panera and the Target line had about 10 people in it. Crazy that anyone waited that long but good that most of them came later.


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