Monday, November 7, 2011

Bunch of cars smashed on Euclid on Friday: was it a car chase?

Let's hope you don't park on Euclid -- in the early morning hours on Friday, an SUV driver smashed into a bunch of parked cars on the 1000 block, doing a lot of damage. The car literally hit cars for the whole block. As you can see above, they did some serious damage -- see the photo gallery.

Neighbors told WUSA there was a police chase, and an MPD spokesperson sort of said that: "Early Friday morning a suspect travelling in a vehicle on the 1000 block of Euclid Street NW, collided with several parked vehicles and fled the scene on foot without making his identity known. Police are in the process of determining the identity of the suspect and would be issuing a warrant for his arrest soon." I would assume suspects don't usually drive really fast unless they're being chased, or were drunk or on drugs.

However, later on MPD chief Cathy Lanier said there wasn't a police chase. I would assume there's some kind of liability if there are accidents during a police chase, but I'm not sure why.

Sounds like a scary situation for those folks who were there. MPD doesn't have the person in custody, and it's unclear if they know who it was. What's odd is this isn't too uncommon, something similar happened in 2008 on 13th Street. Yeesh.

Anybody see it or hear it happening?

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  1. Crazy! hopefully the SUV has good insurance for the sake of all those people's cars.


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