Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday coming to DCUSA, and Small Business Saturday

16a.DCUSA.ShoppingMall.ColumbiaHeights.WDC.3may08 Get ready for some craziness at DCUSA on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving: DCist reports that a lot of stores in the shopping center will be open really early for shoppers.

The Target in DCUSA is joining others around the country and opening at Midnight on the 25th, and it will stay open for 24 hours. The midnight opening is a few hours after Thanksgiving dinner is over for many folks, and Target employees actually started a petition against the early opening.

In addition, Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond are also opening at midnight, though they're closing at 11 and 10.

Previous years have been pretty crazy at DCUSA, with port-a-potties and crowds, though commenters said they were mostly gone by the afternoon. I've always tried to avoid shopping on Black Friday due the crowds and general level of insanity, though I know some people do it as a tradition -- to each their own.

For those looking to avoid Black Friday, or just help small businesses, there's a relatively new effort called Small Business Saturday, encouraging people to spend money at small, local businesses on the 26th. I support that 100%, and have actually seen a few signs for it in the neighborhood. It's sponsored by American Express (and ironically lots of big companies, but hey, I will always support spending money at small businesses.)

There aren't a ton of options for small business retail in the neighborhood, but there are some good ones: D'Vines would be a great spot for the wine or beer lover, the farmer's market craftspeople have some cool jewelry and other neat items, 826DC's Museum of Unnatural History has tons of fun, quirky items, and there are vintage spots like It's Vintage Darling up on 14th.

Any others I'm forgetting? And of course, there's lots of small businesses on U Street, Adams Morgan, Mt. Pleasant, and elsewhere around the city.

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  1. Just got this email on Columbia Heights Listserv: "Want to buy unique gifts this holiday while supporting local businesses and artists?... Handmade Holly Mart is taking place at Nana located in DC’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood at 3068 Mount Pleasant St. NW. The event will take place from 11a-7p on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011."


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