Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Washingtonian on Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant

Washingtonian magazine recently had a spread on the best of Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant.

Personally I was interested to see what they have to say, while TBD.com news editor Ryan Kearney tweeted that it "signals the beginning of the end of the hood." That's interesting, but I don't agree, the neighborhood is already pretty well known, even by Washingtonian readers, I'd assume. I don't think this will suddenly flood the neighborhood with new people. But on to the articles: they write about places to eat, bars and nightlife, local favorites of some residents, and places to live (which are 4 new condo buildings.)

The lists are all pretty thorough and decent, though I was surprised they didn't mention Columbia Heights Coffee or Meridian Hill Park. They don't mention the Red Derby under nightlife, but that's fine with me as it's crowded enough, and Meridian Pint owner John Andrade does mention it in his "local favorites" section.

Also included in the local favorites section is Washington Post writer Monica Hesse's picks. No mention of where she thinks quasi- and post-hipsters hang out. What do you think? Good list, symbolic of things to come? Or just another best of?


  1. No RedRocks under "Pizza Night"? What the hell?

  2. I think that this does signal a change. I've worked with a lot of Washingtonian readers, and they tend to think anything grittier than Crystal City is scary and needs to be avoided.

  3. Re: anaymous -- I agree! You can't mention Meridian Pint and the 11th street dog park but not mention RedRocks! Best pizza and one of the best outdoor patio bar/restaurants in Columbia Heights!

  4. Anonymous and Jenn-
    RedRocks was mentioned by Hesse:
    "Red Rocks
    1036 Park Rd., NW; 202-506-1402
    Right across the street is Red Rocks, which I think has better pizza than 2 Amys. I’m a fan of the classic Margherita, but I have friends who swear by the pepperoni."


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