Friday, October 7, 2011

Want an oceanfront Columbia Heights apartment?

Who doesn't?! A buddy discovered this bizarre ad on Craigslist:

Uh, what? Oceanfront view? 12th floor? I assume "intracostals" is supposed to be Intracoastal Waterway. Got to like that "music stereo" however.

And the craziest part: $1800 for a 3 bedroom!


  1. Mmm, a dinning room! (Why would I want 500 of someone else's books?)

  2. Maybe they mean "Intercostal muscles are several groups of muscles that run between the ribs, and help form and move the chest wall. The intercostal muscles are mainly involved in the mechanical aspect of breathing. These muscles help expand and shrink the size of the chest cavity when you breathe."

  3. Ocean View. Love it! I'm gonna use that the next time I list my basement apartment (In fairness, it looks out directly onto a goldfish pond in the garden).

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