Monday, October 31, 2011

Hit and run on the 28th or 29th on Fairmont -- did you see anything?

Just got this note from a reader. This sucks.
I live on Fairmont between 13th and 14th, and managed to find street parking in front of my building Friday afternoon.  I came down to my car Saturday afternoon around 3pm and found that someone had smashed so hard into my car that the front bumper, the grill and various under carriage bits had come off my car.  No note obviously, because we live in the end of times, but I wondered if anyone heard or saw something sometime that evening (28th) or morning (29th).  It is a 2005 silver acura tsx.  I have attached 2 photos.  I just need a witness who saw this hit and run, even if you didn't get details.
Would really appreciate anything anyone may have seen.
If you saw anything, you can either call email me and I'll pass on your info to the person with the car, or (probably better) contact Officer Anderson Liriano @ (202) 576-8222 (# for the 3rd District Substation on Park), re: police report 159-137.

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