Monday, October 3, 2011

Giant house renovation on Girard -- no longer the crappiest block?

It looks like there's some progress on the crappiest block in the neighborhood, the north side of the 1300 block of Girard. The bungalow-type house that used to be the Asian-American LEAD is now getting turned into a really big building, I presume condos (there are no permits posted or accessible that I could see.)

The place looks a good 3 or 4 times bigger than the old house, which is being preserved to some extent. I wonder if they'll keep that mural?

In any case, it's pretty interesting. I don't remember seeing this kind of project elsewhere in the neighborhood, or around the city. I don't really mind the size since there isn't much else on the block and it seemed to be abandoned or empty for some time. Plus considering the demand for condos in the area, I'm sure they'll all be sold quickly.

Below is how it looked in late August. Quick work!

UPDATE: A commenter says the city told them it was an 8-unit condo.


  1. It's easy to be quick when you don't worry about quality - they've already had some of the early framing fall down, causing minor damage to cars in the parking lot next door.

  2. A few months ago, the city told me they had the necessary permits for an 8 unit building. I'm not sure if it was for apartments or condos. From the way it looks now, only a small part of the side brick walls will be visible and no way are they going to keep the mural. I don't see how permits are issued for projects like this.


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