Monday, October 3, 2011

Columbia Heights Metro, others closed this weekend

How to get around this weekend
If you're traveling around town this weekend, get familiar with the bus lines or Capital Bikeshare locations: WMATA is closing the Columbia Heights, Shaw-Howard U, and U Street-Cardozo-African American Civil War Memorial Metro stations all weekend: from 10 pm on Friday the 8th to opening time on Tuesday the 11th.

They'll be installing some safety features, which is good, but your trip may take longer.

Another option for travel: you could be like the scooter commuter!

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  1. Well, it wasn't a joy but they did a good job with the shuttles, and if you had time, the red line to Totten was sort of a relaxing ride and the walk back from Ga/Petworth wasn't bad at all in decent weather. Survived the Great metro shutdown.


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