Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CC's Liquors upgrades booze selection

I've long championed CC's Liquors at 14th and Newton Monroe as my favorite liquor store in the area -- the prices are reasonable (and certainly cheaper than Speedy's across the street,) they have a good selection, and the folks are nice.

Now it seems like they've increased the selection even more. I was in a couple of days ago and noticed a whole bunch of whiskey I hadn't seen before, like fancy varieties of Jim Beam, some more upmarket ones, and things I haven't even heard of. It looks like they have more vodka and gin too.

Nice to see this kind of thing. Give them a try.

Any other liquor stores you'd recommend?


  1. CC is at 14th and Monroe. And Speedy is long gone.

  2. Shoot. I had Monroe but changed it to Newton.

  3. they started carrying Fireball Cinnamon Whisky which i'd only been able to get by mailordering before!!!


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