Monday, October 24, 2011

Before and after houses -- in the same photo

Just spotted this great photo by Flickr user Rock Creek, who takes a lot of photos documenting the neighborhood. Pretty wild to see two identical houses look so different. This is from October 8th at the corner of Sherman and Girard. Here's the same location in Google Streetview, presumably from awhile ago.


  1. The house on the right is being sold at auction which will hopefully lead to a restoration or some type of redevelopment. The house on the left is a church that was just painted this summer, it looks much better now.

  2. The picture is cool, but to be nitpicky, the one on the left also sucks.

    Look at the top windows. They were replaced with stock (e.g. not sized for the opening ) and about a foot of space filled above them. That saved someone about $50. Awesome huh?

    The porch with its white plastic lattice and barely-functional railings looks incredibly cheap too.

    There's no question this is a renovation that's like so many more lately in this city: cut as many corners as possible to make as much bucks as fast as possible.

    These obvious signs just from a wide-angle picture are indications of substandard, illegal work across the board. Probably was done with no permits or the cash-only variety. Too bad for the first-time homebuyer who thought they were getting a great deal, and ends paying thousands and thousands of dollars patching up shoddy work over the next few years.

  3. Anon #2, that's an interesting take, thanks for the comment. Things I would not have noticed.

  4. Agree with the critique. The "stock" front door with the incongruous oval window is also a real shame. Totally out of place in the neighborhood.


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