Monday, October 24, 2011

Art in abandoned buildings: Georgia Ave. Window Walk

I was looking at the minutes from the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force's last meeting (here) and saw something interesting: the mention of Georgia Avenue Window Walks. I asked for more info and received the link to their site. It's a cool idea: artists put their work in the windows of abandoned or vacant buildings, and there's also a bit about the building's history.

According to Sylvia Robinson of the Task Force, who is interviewed in a recent Washington Post article on Georgia Avenue development and the Task Force, the project's goal is to improve the appearance of the eyesores and to increase a sense of community in the area.

A couple days ago I walked by the first site at 2702 Georgia Avenue NW, seen above. There's the art itself then some about the building: in this case, the building was the home of is next door to Guild International, which sells fraternity and sorority items; always important for Howard U next door. The building is owned by Guild but is not currently in use. The info on the project is pictured below (here's the bigger version). If you're an artist interested in having your work displayed, email

Nice to see cool projects like this. More to come on them and on the Task Force.


  1. Quick correction- The business, The Guild is open and fully operational. The proprietor of the Guild also owns this adjoining space which was currently not in use for his business, but it is not abandoned. Just wanted to clarify that so people know that the Guild (who's main entrance is next door at 2700 GA Ave) is open for business and they do great stuff!
    Kristina / Georgia Ave Window Walk

    ps- look out for next installation at 2902 GA Ave :)

  2. This looks incredible, amazing idea!


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