Friday, October 28, 2011

Are you giving out candy? When?

Halloween is almost upon us, which means trick-or-treating. We got a fair amount of kids last year on 13th Street, but your results may vary.

If you're giving out candy, where? (roughly) Do you see many kids? And how late do they show up until?

One neat thing you might want to do next year with your neighbors is organize who is going to give out candy -- the folks on the Spring-Perry listserve did just that, with a list of houses and flyers for doors telling kids (and parents) they're giving out candy. It sounds like that area, Spring Road, Spring Place and Perry Place, would be a good stop for trick-or-treaters.


  1. they don't stop coming on 11th street - even after you've turned off your porch light...
    only about 60% bother to wear a costume. and about 50% say thank you.

  2. we'll be giving out candy on the 1200 block of Harvard. but seriously, kids, wear a costume. and say thanks!

  3. Whats up with the KKK dog in this articles picture?


  5. We give out candy at our place in the 3500 block of 11th -- but we take our kids over to Lamont in Mt. Pleasant, where they have a big block party each year, including a costume contest, music, etc. Also, the whole block gets into it. If you have kids, that's where I recommend going.

    And yes, we've had some ungrateful and uncostumed kids come to our place in the past, too.

  6. Ku Klux Kanine?


  7. We had relaly good trick-or-treat'ers this year! All in costume, all said thank you!


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