Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Very little progress on Z-Burger in the Tivoli Building

Z-Burger, the local burger chain that's coming to the Tivoli Building's old Nori space, looks like they are pretty far away from opening. Despite signs outside that say Summer 2011, the inside appears to have not changed in months. Doh.

I've reached out to them and their press people but no response so far. We'll see.

This space seems to be cursed or something -- Mayorga coffee didn't work out, they tried adding Korean food, that didn't work, then Nori, the sushi and Asian place, didn't work, and now Z-Burger is having issues. I wonder if the rent is too high or something.

Fingers crossed.


  1. It might just not be a good space for a restaurant. I remember when Nori was there, and it never looked at all inviting, with no windows and all. I wonder if some other business might not fare better?

  2. At the most recent ANC meeting, the Z burger owners presented a well-thought-out plan for outdoor seating, and some folks put up a 40-minute argument because they didn't like that it required a bench to move a few feet.

    With this kind of frivolous opposition to new businesses, no wonder they struggle in that spot.

    (speaking as someone whose only interest in this fight is a desire to eat Z burgers)

  3. I also wouldn't be surprised if there was a hold on on inspections. I believe Mama Chuy's on Georgia has had to push back their opening because of city inspections.

  4. Chris, good point. Nori was definitely pretty awkward.


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