Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nash's Sporting Goods is closing, big clearance sale ongoing

Nash's closing
We'll soon have one less local store in the neighborhood -- a reader tipped me off to store closing signs at Nash's Sporting Goods in the Tivoli building on 14th. I can't say I'm surprised, since Modell's Sporting Goods and Sports Zone both recently opened in DCUSA.

They're having a clearance sale now, including store fixtures if you'd want them, so it may be a good time to get some good deals. Shoes were 20% off the sale price already, and things are up to 50% off. They also have lots of t-shirts, jerseys for football, baseball, soccer and other sports, and other general sporting goods merchandise

The bigger question is: does it matter? A local store closed because they couldn't keep up with bigger chains, basically. I saw way more people in either Modell's or Sports Zone than Nash's so you could argue that they just did a better job. Do you think that's a bad thing?

I haven't heard anything about what's coming in or when they're leaving. Let's hope it's something good.

And I wonder what might close next? I like the Uptowner deli next to Nash's, but I wonder how business will be once a Panera comes into DCUSA. I generally don't see many people in there.


  1. I've gone into Nash probably a dozen times over the years mostly just looking and hoping to be able to spend money. Never found anything that worked for me.

  2. Nash was useless, and was mostly clothing and jersey. So is Modell's which is more clothing than sport equipment, and a lot of non-sport related clothing at that. Oh and Sport Zone? Also just clothing. At a lot of the clothing and sport items could have been found at Target before hand. Seriously a bunch of relatively useless stores and REDUNDANCY at DCUSA and surrounding area.

    Why don't we have a blog post about the usefulness of the stores we have an how there is or will be 1-2 other stores that offer the same goods and services next door.

  3. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later with Modell's moving in. Personally, I really liked Nash's. I am a Steelers and PSU fan and normally cannot get Steelers gear anywhere in DC but I could always count on Nash's having something Steelers laying around, and it was normally pretty cheap. Sad to see another small store pushed out...

    Not sure why Sports Zone even has the word "Sports" in it. They have nothing sports related whatsoever.

  4. Im not surprised they went out of business. All they had in stock was a bunch of outdated clothing, like Steelers jackets from the 80's. Who buys such crap.

  5. I never saw anyone, or should I say never more than two people aside from the unhelpful employees in Nash's. This place was stayed in business well beyond its usefulness. Hope something goes in that more of the neighborhood can enjoy.


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