Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hispanics leaving Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights, heading to Georgia Avenue

The Examiner has an interesting article from a couple of weeks ago about the Hispanic population in our area. In short, the Census shows that over the last 10 years, the population, of which Salvadorans are the biggest group, is moving to the east and north, out of Mt. Pleasant and western Columbia Heights and towards Georgia Avenue and Petworth. Experts attribute it to housing availability and cost.

The Post's great Census map site shows that in detail (above), with the tracts just east of Georgia Avenue with anywhere from 50% to 80% increases of Hispanic population and drops all over Mt. Pleasant and Adams Morgan.

It's interesting to think of what that means for our area -- fewer Latino businesses, perhaps, and more to the east and north. I know Park Road has fewer Latino businesses than it did a few years ago, for example, with places like Pho 14 coming in. And there's also examples of a shift to Latino businesses that cater to a broader population, like Paila Chilean Grill and Taqueria Distrito Federal. But I hope it doesn't mean we lose authentic places like El Rinconcito II on Park Road and El Rinconcito Deportivo on 11th.

Your thoughts? I plan to look more into the Census in the next few weeks too.


  1. I guess my moving to town wasn't enough to offset the hundreds of Hispanics that are leaving!

    I definitely hope the delicious Salvadoran restaurants in Mt. Pleasant stay.

  2. It's further south and east, but sad to see Mercadito Ramos closing recently on 14th between W and Florida. It was a nice little market that was cheap and had good latino groceries.

    In my opinion, though, Salvadoran food is not that good, certainly not compared to authentic Mexican food, so I will miss the cultural diversity, but not the restaurants if this trend continues.

  3. It's the unfortunate second step of gentrification...

  4. When we bought our home in Mt. Pleasant a couple of years ago, we were really excited about all of the hole-in-the-wall shops and restaurants. Now, we crave the convenience of a broader variety of shops and restaurants so that we don't have to leave the neighborhood so often.


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