Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Greening Initiative" abandoned houses coming along nicely


You may have seen signs on abandoned houses around the neighborhood for the Greening Initiative: it's a program run by the DC Housing Authority to fix up DCHA-owned abandoned houses and rent them out as scattered-site public housing, with some being sold at market rate to fund the rest. I wrote more about it a few months ago. A number of those houses are in our neighborhood, and now, a few months in, there's some progress.

Above is 1334 Irving Street in 2010 and today. The house was featured in my Abandoned House Watch series in March 2010 and you can see it looks a lot better now. Other houses around the neighborhood are getting fixed up too, including one of the 2700 block of 13th. There are a total of 26 houses in the program throughout the city, funded by a HUD grant.

Nice to see this -- abandoned houses getting fixed up as affordable housing for people.

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  1. Did DCHA give you a list of the 26 properties being rehabilitated under the five ARRA/HUD grants in their "greening initiative"? I am a neighbor of 1452 Euclid St NW and am curious whether that DCHA-owned property is among the 26 listed under that property, or if it is one of the "land-banked" properties. There has not been any work on it performed to date and it is still boarded up.


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