Friday, September 2, 2011

Football season is upon us: where to watch in the neighborhood

You may have noticed the Howard band practicing the last few days. That, plus the cooler weather, means football season is upon us.

There's now a few good spots to watch college or NFL games in the neighborhood, thanks to Lou's City Bar and the Blue Banana, our two sports bars.

Ruby Tuesday also has some TVs, as does The Heights if you want to go upscale, and Meridian Pint has big TVs downstairs. A little farther afield,  Ventnor Sports Cafe in Adams Morgan is a good bet.

In addition, Lou's is one of the official University of Wisconsin alum bars in town, the other being Hamilton's. They'll have deals all season long: $4 Leinenkugel bottles, $3 Miller Lite drafts, and $3 Brats and Tots.

And if you want to avoid sports altogether, Wonderland doesn't have a TV, while Red Derby and Looking Glass have one.

Any recommendations for football season in the neighborhood?


  1. Derby and LGL both have one TV, with LGL's typically turned to a random game. They're obviously not the main entertainment as they are at the sports bars you listed.

  2. Ah, thanks. I don't remember seeing a TV at the Derb, but will update.

  3. Grand Central also in AdMo is a pretty good spot to watch the game - a few doors down from The Diner

  4. Tonic on Mount Pleasant also has all the NFL games on multiple tv's


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