Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coffy Cafe crepe and coffee house on 14th looking at November opening

Good news: the folks behind Coffy Cafe, the incoming 60s/70s-themed creperie and coffee shop coming to the Samuel Kelsey building on the west side of 14th, just north of Park, are hoping to open later this fall. Here's what owner Philecia Harris told me the other day:
We now have our permit to build.  The contractors have already started clearing the space and are in early stages of prep work.  We should be starting the rough work electrical and plumbing within the next couple of weeks and be in the final stages by the end of this month or earlier in the next.  It still looks like a couple of months before we open.  We should hopefully be open by November.
I interviewed Harris a few months ago, and the place sounds really cool: different kinds of crepes made on demand, baked goods from family recipes, and a relaxed, home-y, 60s-70s vibe with period-style furniture and posters. I'm looking forward to it.

UPDATE: Their website isn't up, but they have a Facebook page.


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