Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage store Hella Tuff closed!

Sad news for the vintage clothing fans. Hella Tuff, the store in a basement on Fairmont Street, has closed. Owner Jessica Louise Dye moved to Richmond, which means it's no more. It was a neat little with sort of an interesting idea, it was open on weekends and by appointment, and had a great selection for a small place. I bought a cool Alamo ringer t-shirt and a cowboy type shirt.

Hella Tuff was, I think, the first vintage store in the neighborhood, and was followed by Black Eyed Susie's and It's Vintage, Darling. Nice to see this new line of stores in the neighborhood. There's also Nana in Mt. Pleasant (which with Quarterlife DC happens to advertise here) and a couple others in our western neighbor.

Here's the post I did on Hella Tuff, and a Bands in the Neighborhood post about Lightfoot, Dye's band.

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